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Dean Flynn fucked by Arpad Miklos. Classic Titanmen, newly Remastered


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It’s hard to really sum up what a big deal this scene is. Click Here to watch the whole scene at Titanmen and his stunningly handsome face, huge uncut dick and hairy chest… topping Click Here to watch the whole scene at Titanmen, the ultimate Boy Next Door. These two burned up the screen in ways we really hadn’t expected. The fire was immediate and the two men were so turned on by each other that it took the crew (and viewers) by surprise.

Click Here to watch the whole scene at Titanmen said that it was less directing a scene and more “just trying to capture the magic happening in front of us.”

In a dimly lit bedroom, Click Here to watch the whole scene at Titanmen finds himself in the arms of tall, dark and handsome Arpad Miklos. While the two both have gorgeous bodies and insatiable sexual appetites, the similarities end there: Dean is the younger, fairer-skinned fresh-faced cut “boy next door” who is about to get dominated by the older, swarthier uncut Arpad in the classic pairing of daddy versus boy.

Arpad’s massive uncut cock deserves to be worshiped, and Dean gives it the respect that it warrants, pulling on the foreskin carefully with his lips in between gasping lunges to the hairy base. He’s giving Arpad head so intense that in no time Dean’s eyes are bloodshot and teary, his face dripping with sweat and spit. Not to be outdone, Arpad gives Dean’s long cock equally attentive service with the back of his throat. Dean gets on his back to receive Arpad’s first load; Arpad stands over him and sprays a shower of man juice down upon him from up above.

Dean coats himself with his own load and between the two studs’ giant loads, Dean’s rippling abs and furry chest are glistening with a voluminous amount of cum. Without missing a beat, Dean assumes the position on all fours in order to presents his ass to Arpad, who strokes Dean’s cock from behind as he drills into his ass with his probing tongue.

TitanMen exclusive Victor Banda’s intense eyes watch from outside through the window as Arpad lubes Dean’s hungry ass up and readies him to be impaled on his cock. Dean writhes in pleasure and pain as Arpad enters him from behind. Starting with slow, long insertions, Arpad builds up speed and power with each pump into Dean’s unstoppable ass. Being fucked so intensely, Dean is wound up into a ball of intense emotion, moaning and biting down on his own arm to temper the intensity.

With Dean on his back and legs in the air, we see Arpad’s spectacularly huge and hairy muscular ass contract with each insertion. A series of jaw-dropping close-up shots shows Arpad’s remarkable muscular control as pulls his cock all the way out of Dean, exposing his gaping pink hole only to bury his bone all the way back into him. It only takes a few of those super-thrusts at this point to make Dean shoot his load. Arpad quickly follows suit.

Click Here to watch the whole scene at Titanmen.

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Director’s Blog: Making Big Brother with Tristan Jaxx and Luke Adams


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This was one of those scenes where we spent more time joking than actually making the scene itself.

Luke Adams’ career had started after Tristan Jaxx had left back in about 2012. So they hadn’t worked together and hadn’t met. But we knew they’d get along very well. And they did. But the biggest thing was that Luke really didn’t know how big Tristan’s dick… is.

So when they were doing their initial still shots together, his reaction was both shock and excitement. Luke really likes a big uncut dick. But Tristan’s is so big that I wasn’t sure if he’d… still feel that way.

He did.

I have joked that given time, I could do a whole compilation of Luke getting fucked and then yelling “PAUSE” when he’s scared that he’s about to cum. That’s his way of saying “I have to stop or I’m going to shoot.” Once Tristan’s dick got fully hard and was pounding Luke’s hole… things went so well that Luke had to stop a LOT.

That reaction that we got from Luke when the dick popped out of Tristan’s pants.. that was real. First take.

This scene was shot in a room with a big mirror on one of the side walls. Honestly, I really hate shooting in rooms with too many mirrors or windows or large picture frames with reflective glass. They make it really hard to light it well without having the lights and gear show up in the reflection. But somehow we managed to make it work.

Luke’s hole is so pretty that I spent a LOT of time on that under-rimming shot. Longer than usual. I knew the viewers would want a nice long look at it.

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Director’s Blog: making the Bruce Beckham & Micah Brandt scene


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The hardest part about shooting this scene was really that Bruce and Micah were so into each other that they kept forgetting I was there.

Usually we’ll start out with kissing… an oral position… I move the cameras around and get those things from as many angles as I can and then we move onto the next.

The guys will ad-lib a bit… they’ll make up some dialogue… but in this case, Bruce and Micah totally ignored the fact that there were lights, a full crew, cameras and mics capturing their hookup and it just became… a hook up.

They were so full of energy that I just allowed them to go where they wanted to go. And then suddenly they were in their first fucking position. That’s what they really wanted to do. Problem was that we were only a few minutes into the shooting and I didn’t have NEARLY enough footage. So I had to get them to circle back to the original sucking so I could get all I needed.

I may have burst into tears a few months later while trying to edit it all into a scene that flowed… they did SO much and trying to piece it all together into something that made sense was one of the harder things I’ve done. But what we got was a really natural and “real” hookup between the two men.

Check out the finished, polished scene here at

Don’t Forget… Joining Titanmen doesn’t just get you full and unlimited access to the newest scenes (multiple releases weekly give you an endless supply of new stuff to watch), it gives you COMPLETE access to the Entire Titanmen On-line Catalogue. That’s OVER 20 YEARS of the hottest gay porn ever made… from the top directors like Bruce CamBrian MillsTony BuffJoe GagePaul WildeFrancois Sagat and Jasun Mark.

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Director’s Blog: Jeremy Spreadums and Tristan Jaxx


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One of my favorite hookup stories from my own misspent 20s was when I was out riding my bike through the streets of Toronto. Some guy pulled up next to me at a stop sign and struck up a conversation that literally went like this:

Him: Hey…

Me: Hey.

Him: Out riding today? (I was literally on my bike)

Me: Yeah… thought I might head down to the beach later

Him: Cool… wanna come back to my place and fuck?

Me: Uh… yeah. Let’s do that.

Less than half an hour later I was back out on my bike headed to the beach one load lighter than I was before. I’ve always loved that “quick sex because why not” thing.

LA Cruising is in a way a kinda lazy movie.

We wanted a cool vibe…  “hanging out in LA hooking up with random guys you meet on the street.

We used no dialogue for the movie other than what the guys ad-libbed themselves. I wanted the whole movie to feel natural. So the guys just said and did what came naturally. The crew really just shot what we got.

OK so… yea, we gussied it up a bit with some drone and steady cam follow shots. This IS a Titan movie, after all.

The opening scene shows a street in Koreatown, halfway between Hollywood and Downtown. Lots of tall palm trees, walk-ups and green lawns. I got Jeremy just walking down the street and running into Tristan. The sidewalk was pretty busy so we had to keep waiting for those few seconds where I was able to get them and nobody else too close to the action. I shot it from across the street, out the balcony of the house and right next to them… It really does feel like a random hookup.

OK, maybe a bit faster.

Jeremy and Tristan live in San Diego and they drove up together that morning. So they already had some chemistry going by the time they got to the set. Once Jeremy saw Tristan’s dick, he couldn’t WAIT to get going and kept trying to hurry us up so he could get some of that dick.

That set the stage for what was such an easy-going, intense and hot scene that I think opens up this movie perfectly.

Hope you like it.

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Spend Saturday Night With New TitanMen Exclusive Dallas Steele! For Members Only.


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TitanMen Exclusive Model Dallas Steel To Appear LiveBrand spankin’ new TitanMen Exclusive Dallas Steele will headline the first ever TitanLive Featured show Saturday November 7th at 7pm, PST.  The 2 hour live show will feature Steele celebrating his birthday by interacting with fans, taking questions and culminating with a hot solo toy show.  The show is free for all members of, and will be simulcast on giving everyone a chance to spend the night with Dallas! If you haven’t signed up to yet, now is the time to take advantage of twenty years worth of muscular and masculine men from your favorite iconic gay studio.



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New Behind The Scenes Pictures From TitanMen


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We’ve got some hot new releases coming up. In the meantime check out these hot behind the scenes pictures of Diesel Washington, Dallas Steele, and Jesse Jackman.

Dallas Steele and Diesel Washington On Set For TitanMen

Returning TitanMen Model Diesel Washington

Ebony Stud Diesel Washington and Muscle Daddy Dallas Steele Behind The Scenes

Diesel Washington and Dallas Steele Behind The Scenes

Leather Daddy Jesse Jackson On Set For TitanMen



TitanMen Model Diesel Washington Behind The Scenes

Jesse Jackman Rests After Fucking All Day

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Behind The Scenes Of Blue Collar Ballers With DALLAS STEELE!


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Dallas Steele and Dirk Caber

By Dallas Steele

Watch The Preview For Dallas Steele and Dirk Caber’s Scene Here!

My first time working with Titan was only my second time doing an adult video. When I first decided to do porn, like anything in my life, I did my research. I “pulled through” hours of video, carefully considering the men, the production values, and the reputation of the studios. Titan has always been one of the biggest names in gay porn. To say I was excited and honored to get the call, would be putting it mildly. My parents and siblings all know I do movies, but I think they were a bit stunned by my sense of pride in announcing I was going to be shooting with Titan Men.

Dirk Caber and Dallas SteeleWhen I arrived at the Titan house in Palm Springs on that March day, Dirk Caber and Hunter Marx were busy doing a product demo. After putting my stuff down, I quietly enjoyed a protein bar while watching dildos disappear into the two of them repeatedly. I remember starting to get a little nervous and intimidated knowing I would be having hot sex with Dirk the next day. That evening, we all got to know each other over dinner. And while that helped, I still wondered if I was up to their caliber!

Dirk was first. The morning started with us and director Jasun Mark shooting stills. Dirk was so playful and a great kisser. I immediately felt at ease. We had a few lines at the beginning of our video, which despite little discussion, flowed from both of us with ease. Nothing at all seemed awkward or forced. The first time we really starting making out, both of us got instantly hard. Gradually, I worked my way down his torso and took out his perfectly shaped cock. One plus to shooting porn is you will have plenty of time to enjoy every part of your partner’s body. I really enjoyed eating Dirk’s ass. When we flipped around, he was just as awesome at giving head as he was kissing.

Dallas Steele and Dirk Caber

Eventually, we moved to the bed. He topped me first. Dirk’s cock has a great head that popped right in and was never uncomfortable the hour or so he was topping me. I love getting fucked and I was close to coming several times. When he flipped over onto his back, a bunch of things went through my mind- like whether I’d measure up to the amazingly hot men he has worked with- not to mention his amazingly hot husband Jessie Jackman.

Fucking Dirk was just as a hot as I expected. Both of us were very vocal throughout the entire scene. That wasn’t fake. We both were enjoying it that much. We also laughed often. Sex is supposed to be fun, and wild, and crazy. I think many men get so wrapped-up in thinking they have to be a certain way, they forget how to just be animal and go for it in the moment. I don’t ever take myself too seriously.

Dirk Caber and Dallas Steele
After about 25 minutes of pounding his ass, I could tell Dirk was getting close. Jasun stopped us for just a moment to re-position cameras, then told us to go for it. I fucked him as hard as I could, then he shot a massive load on his chest. I had been close throughout the entire time, so a few seconds later, I too shot all over his cock and balls. After six hours of still pictures and video, both of us collapsed and took a long nap.

People often ask me how much sex really goes on when the camera is not rolling. My experience so far is that performers are pretty tired after a full day of shooting, however, the nap apparently helped Dirk and me. That night in the hot tub we started kissing again which lead to another scene in my bedroom- this time- without the cameras.

Behind The Scenes Dallas SteeleDirk has become one of my best friends in porn and recently, we got to see each other again in Palm Springs when I did a scene with his real life husband. I’m still waiting for a “private scene” like the one with Dirk. Like me, Jesse Jackman is a BIG guy and the two of us together were explosive on a number of levels. More about that in a future blog posting. Look for the movie with Jesse and me this spring.

Dallas Steele TitanMen Pornstar bcbs_sc_180


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Diesel Washington Returns to Titanmen…


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Yesterday Titanmen director Jasun Mark posted this image on his Twitter page. After a long absence, iconic Titanmen star Diesel Washington is back with Titanmen. No word on the actual story or setup for the movie, but that’s clearly Titanmen Exclusive Eric Nero on the receiving end…

You can see all of Diesel’s movies here…

See all of Eric Nero’s movies here…


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Production Run Shout Outs


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We had an amazing production run last week. I’m still recovering from that… early mornings, long days, late nights… Non-stop hard work from everyone… my crew Darius Union and Jeff Park along with Titanmen VP Keith Webb, my stars Jesse Jackman, Nick Prescott, Dallas Steele and a very special visit by Dirk Caber.

We also had a super-special new performer who you’re going to love, and we’ll tell you about him soon.

But I wanted to give a few personal shout outs.

Dirk… You and I apparently met in 2008 when I was working for another studio and I tried to talk you into becoming a porn star. I guess at the time you didn’t think I was serious, but while I don’t remember this interaction, I clearly knew class when I saw it. I’ve been working in porn for well over a decade.. more than ¼ of my life and you’ve shown me just how great porn stars can be. 100% reliable, fun, funny, supportive of your scene partners, you always show up in peak shape, never complain even when I’m putting you through all sorts of challenges. Your scenes are always a joy. So are you. Thanks so much for agreeing to just… show up without much notice and spend a whole day running around in the 110° heat, diving into the pool for 20 takes, burning your feet while doing push ups in the gravel and just smiling thought it all. You’re also a good friend and part of the family.

Jesse… you and I have always kinda been Titanmen frat brothers because we started the same week. I’ve lost track of how many scenes we’ve done together and I’ve SO enjoyed watching you go from slightly nervous porn newbie jerking off François Sagat underwater at midnight to one of the biggest gay porn stars ever. People will remember you for generations as one of the big guys and I’m so proud that I’ve had the luck to be the one yelling “action” for about half of those scenes. Sorry we put you through so much this weekend (especially waking up at 4AM to run in the desert) although it seems you had as much fun as we did.

Dallas… that scene… you know the one… is going to be a Titanmen classic that I’ll brag about directing for years, but without you and your experience, it would never have come across as well as it did. What could have been a torturous project shooting 45 pages of dialogue ended up being a fantastic single-take joy that took about 30 minutes and we all ended in semi tears with how you and Jesse let down the curtains and showed us what you’re both made of.

Nick… When you called and said your flight was delayed 18 hours and you wouldn’t arrive until 6 hours after we’d planned to start shooting… I should have been in a panic. We usually like to have guys arrive the evening before, have 12 hours to relax and settle and sleep and be ready for a long day of shooting. But I knew you’d walk off the plane, onto the set and be ready to go. I knew you’d be able to join a total newbie in his first scene, make that magic happen and finish the scene in under no time. And I was right. You’re more dependable than my bike and I sit on that and ride 100MPH on the L.A. Freeway. I mean 65. I go 65. You can’t prove a thing.

Darius… your experience directing and film making is an inspiration to me and everyone on set. Even when I’m quietly losing my shit on the inside and getting frustrated, you just ground me back and help me keep going. It’s because I have such a great right hand man that we’ve been able to kick things up a notch. I can’t wait for people to see what we’re doing.

Jeff… Every day I have someone contact me and ask if they can be my production assistant. I always tell them that the one I have is exactly what I need. You started with us not that long ago with very little experience and very little knowledge about how things were done. You didn’t even know what I meant when I said “I need three 1Ks placed at thirds with 201s and 224s with fill boxes spacing them,” but now… you know exactly what I mean and just make it happen. And your irritating laugh that always comes at inappropriate times keeps everyone in a good mood. So don’t stop. And don’t get bothered by the fact that I don’t laugh. That’s my secret… I’m always angry.

Keith… I’m still a bit amazed that of all the very able people for this job… you chose me. I can’t thank you enough for that. Or the support, the cheerleading and advocating for me. For making me take the job when I told you I didn’t think I could do it. These last few years have been so much fun, so much stress, so much work and I wake up every day with a smile on my face because it’s been worth every second.

I should also add that most porn studios provide food for performers in the form of bags of chips, string cheese, “peanut butter” that’s 80% hydrogenated palm oil… Maybe if they’re lucky, some sandwich meat and wonder bread. You make us BBQ short ribs, Carne Asada, Banana pudding from scratch and an endless list of gourmet meals. I know you enjoy cooking and setting up huge banquet spreads like that but it’s a lot of work that you don’t really have to do and you do for the guys and it makes the shoots go faster, better and stay fun when they’re all fed well and in good moods. I’m really looking forward to what we do next.

New Guy… We’ll introduce you to the world soon. They’re going to like you as much as the rest of us do already.

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Instant Photography with Hunter and Dirk


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Titanmen is usually all shot in digital HD (which is why Titanmen,com streams in crystal-clear HD to your computer and mobile devices so well), although for fun recently, director Jasun Mark brought along some of his large collection of antique and new plastic cameras that actually use film.

The scene with Dirk Caber and Hunter Marx was shot for the movie Double Exposure and just for fun, they incorporated an Instant Camera called a LomoInstant with Dirk taking pictures of Hunter in the shower.

Here’s some of the resulting shots.

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Guess Who Shot His First Titanmen Scene Last Night?


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According to all on set, last night Titanmen Exclusive Nick Prescott was on the receiving end of a “Jackhammering” from new Titanmen Exclusive Eddy CeeTee. This Lebanese hunk reportedly tore it up proper in his Titanmen debut. We can’t wait to see the finished scene, but here’s a still from the set…

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The Undershot Collection.


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There are more than we could possible post here. But this is a collection of the recent “Look Out Below” cell phone shots from recent Titanmen movies.

This is how much your Titanmen love you. It’s a dirty job but they get to do it.

Right now Titanmen is having a special Leather Pride Week sale…


Get your first month 50% OFF.

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Jasun Mark demonstrates the Porno Crab Walk with Nick Prescott and George Ce.


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Too funny. On set today, Nick Prescott and George Ce got carried away as they helped each other get hard for their still shoots.

Jasun did was he does best… got a nice panoramic view of the action from down below so we can see those two BIG dicks and two hot men from every possible angle.

See Nick Prescott’s movies here.

See George Ce’s movies here.

See movies directed by Jasun Mark here.

Don’t forget you can download your favorite scenes DRM-free AND stream the entire Titanmen collection in crystal-clear HD at

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Jobs That Suck


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Imagine a job where you got to go to work, hang out with stunning hunks like Jessie Colter or Titanmen Exclusives David Anthony and Hunter Marx. Then you got to get into a big Three-way Suck Fest.

Here’s the three men on the set of Joe Gage’s One Thing Leads To Another.

Clearly the camera men enjoy watching it as much as the rest of us…

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Titanmen Production Diary


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Titanmen Exclusive Jesse Jackman and his real-life boyfriend Dirk Caber performed not one but TWO scenes together over the last production run. Both scenes featured the two men in a gym/sports gear setup but as a fun spin, both Titanmen directors Paul Wilde and Jasun Mark put their own spins on the pairing.

Jasun’s scene was part of what he’s calling his “As-yet-unnamed Workout/Gym movie” and Paul’s was shot for Titan Rough and he says it’s a “Rugby Gear Fetish Movie with Piss Play.”

Word from the set is that while the scenes feature the same men together, they both have a very different vibe and fans are going to love them both.

If you want to see Jesse and Dirk together now… they’ve already performed two scenes together… one for Titan Rough and one in Extra Firm.

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