Guess Who Shot His First Titanmen Scene Last Night?


According to all on set, last night Titanmen Exclusive Nick Prescott was on the receiving end of a “Jackhammering” from new Titanmen Exclusive Eddy CeeTee. This Lebanese hunk reportedly tore it up proper in his Titanmen debut. We can’t wait to see the finished scene, but here’s a still from the set…


The Undershot Collection.


There are more than we could possible post here. But this is a collection of the recent “Look Out Below” cell phone shots from recent Titanmen movies.

This is how much your Titanmen love you. It’s a dirty job but they get to do it.

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Jasun Mark demonstrates the Porno Crab Walk with Nick Prescott and George Ce.

Too funny. On set today, Nick Prescott and George Ce got carried away as they helped each other get hard for their still shoots.

Jasun did was he does best… got a nice panoramic view of the action from down below so we can see those two BIG dicks and two hot men from every possible angle.

See Nick Prescott’s movies here.

See George Ce’s movies here.

See movies directed by Jasun Mark here.

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Jobs That Suck

Imagine a job where you got to go to work, hang out with stunning hunks like Jessie Colter or Titanmen Exclusives David Anthony and Hunter Marx. Then you got to get into a big Three-way Suck Fest.

Here’s the three men on the set of Joe Gage’s One Thing Leads To Another.

Clearly the camera men enjoy watching it as much as the rest of us…

Titanmen Production Diary

Titanmen Exclusive Jesse Jackman and his real-life boyfriend Dirk Caber performed not one but TWO scenes together over the last production run. Both scenes featured the two men in a gym/sports gear setup but as a fun spin, both Titanmen directors Paul Wilde and Jasun Mark put their own spins on the pairing.

Jasun’s scene was part of what he’s calling his “As-yet-unnamed Workout/Gym movie” and Paul’s was shot for Titan Rough and he says it’s a “Rugby Gear Fetish Movie with Piss Play.”

Word from the set is that while the scenes feature the same men together, they both have a very different vibe and fans are going to love them both.

If you want to see Jesse and Dirk together now… they’ve already performed two scenes together… one for Titan Rough and one in Extra Firm.

Today on set at Titanmen…

Titanmen Exclusive Jess Jackman and his real-life husband Dirk Caber performed their third scene together today, completing an as-yet-unnamed “Gym Movie” directed by Jasun Mark.
Yesterday old friend Mack Manus initiated newcomer Christopher Wells on his first ever porn scene in a Titan Rough fisting movie. THAT’s quite the trial by fist…

More updates as we get them…





Titanmen Production Blog Day Three


Moving to a new location for day 3, the guys set up in a loft apartment in Potrero Hill, shooting a scene with Matt Stevens and new Titanmen recruit Tyler Edwards.

Watch for that scene at next year.

Clearly a great time was had by all, although word from the set is that “parking was a bitch.”  The joke from the production crew members I spoke to was ” if you have a job where you get to hang out with men that hot and shoot video of them fucking and the biggest problem you can think of is that it’s hard to find a place to park… you win.”

Titanmen Production Blog Day 2



Young Buck Alex Graham got his change to top the rugged and dangerous “bad daddy” Matt Stevens today in a scene directed by Jasun Mark. Word from the set is that it started out as a massage scene that the crew “lost complete control” and the stars made it their own.

We can’t wait to see it.


Titanmen Set Live Blog…


Last month, Titanmen director Jasun Mark posted a picture of Alex Graham jumping into the arms of Tony Orion. They hadn’t done a scene together (Alex was in a fantastic scene coming soon with Dario Beck), but the entire production team saw the obvious chemistry schoolboy crushes they had on each other and a quick scene was arranged as quickly as possible to capture that energy.

Well, it wasn’t long because today was the day. Alex and Tony got to perform together in a scene directed by Paul Wilde for an as-yet-unnamed movie to be released sometime next year.

You can see Tony Orion with Alessio Romero in the Titan Rough movie SOAKED.

We can’t wait to see the finished scene… here are some more pictures from the set today.

Making The Interrogation

The scene itself is a dark, edgy, Film Noir styled interrogation scene with the two masculine muscle hunks Jessy Ares and Jesse Jackman.

But Here are some fun behind-the-scenes shots of the guys having some fun while shooting the movie. And of course, the above video with Jessy Ares showing off his lederhosen, like ANY self-respecting man from Bavaria must have…

Jasun Mark Ring Tones

Brought to you by the weary Editing Department here at Titanmen who have to find ways to remove… these… audio gems.

The Titanmen Take Oxballs

The guys from the Titanmen Production crew have been hard at work all week down in Los Angeles shooting at the Oxballs Factory where lots of the toys they’ve used were made. While the crew sets up the shoot, Ox himself has been there taking some pictures of the guys showing off some of the new gear he’s got.

And yes, the guys got to keep all the stuff, which meant that last night apparently Dirk Caber walked out with two big bags full of goodies for himself and husband Titanmen Exclusive Jesse Jackman (who was scheduled to shoot this week but had to bow out after a back injury took him off the field)

Also joining the fun this week were Titanmen Exclusive Nick Prescott, Matt Stevens, Paul Steele and Ethan Ayers. Rumor has it that there just might be another “Car Karaoke” video in the near future and that “it’s amazing.”

More after the jump…

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Making A Scene. Titan Style.

When Titanmen’s Resort was released this week, one of the things people said they loved so much was seeing the two studs Titanmen Exclusive Hunter Marx and Colby White out in the bright sunlight. Right out in the open.

Of course, we’re talking a bit of movie magic… Today the guys on the production team sent out some production shots of the crew that showed off how they were able to get the guys out in the sunlight and not get any glare, harsh shadows or sun burned dicks and butts.

The crew constructed a two-sided and half-topped tent out of parachute material that would allow dissipated sun through to the guys but not cast any shadows. They kept the sunlight and glow but not too much and we’re able to see every inch of the action.

Including the incredible amounts of Pre-Cum dripping from Colby’s dick.

And now we know just how they were able to capture those two men fucking outside in the blazing Palm Springs sun and still look that hot on camera…

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Check out the gallery from Resort after the jump…

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Titanmen Production Updates..


Yesterday, Titanmen released the new movie Resort and today in my email arrived a bunch of stills shot on set. Shot concurrently with scenes from other movies including the recent hits Wide Awake and On Tap, the long production run allowed the guys to spend a lot of time just hanging out by the pool, taking in the sights in nearby Palm Springs and according to production assistant David Richards, the crew introduced the cast to Xanadu, Flash Gordon and Sordid Lives.

IMG_3269Story goes that Dario Beck and Justin King particularly loved Sordid Lives and watched not only the movie but the entire TV series over the course of the shoot.

Coby White  took the guys out for a night of partying in Palm Springs. Coby appears in the new scene from Resort with Titanmen Exclusive Hunter Marx. We love having Coby on set not only  because of his adorable smile and how much fun he is but also because of the INCREDIBLE amount of precum that oozes from his dick.

Coby has been in three scenes… with Dario Beck in Extra Firm and with Conner Habib in Joe Gage’s One Thing Leads To Another and every time he’s on camera, the fans talk about that more than anything…


Tom Wolfe  (in his first Titanmen appearance since Swelter) and Hunter Marx both got quite familiar with new Titanmen Exclusive Nick Prescott. Nick spent a lot of his time getting to know the other Titanmen exclusives, and while no cameras caught the action, there were rumors of Nick “introducing” himself in a more private setting. HE’s come to the right place.

He also posted this pretty fun clip of himself and Wide Awake Co-star Justin King while they were cooling off in the pool on his own blog.

Jay Bentley and Tom Wolfe were cooling off in the pool one afternoon, director Jasun Mark swam down to the bottom of the pool with his GoPro camera and captured this stunning video collage that was incorporated into Wide Awake.

Submerged from Jasun mark on Vimeo.

And then of course there was THIS.

There’s a HUGE gallery of pics after the jump.


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Stills from Stag

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s just a few random Behind-The-Scenes shots from the making of Paul Wilde’s Stag.

Starring Titanmen Exclusive George Ce with Donnie Dean, Adam Champ, Scott Hunter, Alessio Romero and Brayden Forrester, Stag is a celebration of natural masculinity and that uncaged sexual energy between men that can happen anywhere at any time…

Check out the full movie at Titanmen.

Also currently on sale at the Titanmen DVD store.

Check out some stills from the movie after the jump….
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