Jonah Fontana delivers another GUSHER of a cumshot


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Part Three of Titanmen’s Cum Laude is out… in the last scene, Jonah and Lorenzo caught Jackson and Dirk fucking by the pool and then got into some action themselves.

Today Jackson and Jonah start by just chatting but before long their dicks are out and the two grads get into some action in Jackson’s bedroom.

cuml_action_3_JacksonJonah_0434 cuml_action_3_JacksonJonah_0447 cuml_action_3_JacksonJonah_0464 cuml_action_3_JacksonJonah_0485 cuml_action_3_JacksonJonah_0555 cuml_sc_3_JonahJackson_066 cuml_sc_3_JonahJackson_072 cuml_sc_3_JonahJackson_076

The tight space of the room their in mirror the high space in Jackson’s hole… Jonah fills it.

The action is what you’d expect from a Titan movie… but it’s that final cumshot from Jonah that really seals the deal.


You can see the whole movie (and the entire Titanmen online catalogue) at

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Real-Life Couple Jonah Fontana and Lorenzo Flexx Together in Cum Laude


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Such a fun scene… you can see just how great their chemistry is. Jonah Fontana and Titanmen Exclusive Lorenzo Flexx are partners in real life, so seeing them together feels intimate to a level not usually seen. You feel like you’re almost peering in their window at times… they seem to forget that the cameras are there.

And let’s make it clear… the cameras cover every square inch of these boys. One of the hottest moments comes when Jonah is sucking Lorenzo and then reaches around to finger his hole… then we get a microscopically close shot from the other side showing the fingering. It’s amazing.


We also get to see their natural banter with each other…

This is a beautifully shot scene that has such great natural chemistry it’s a must-see.


cuml_action_2_LorenzoJonah_0239 cuml_action_2_LorenzoJonah_0257 cuml_action_2_LorenzoJonah_0277 cuml_action_2_LorenzoJonah_0301 cuml_action_2_LorenzoJonah_0369 cuml_action_2_LorenzoJonah_0385 cuml_action_2_LorenzoJonah_0400 cuml_action_2_LorenzoJonah_0429 cuml_sc_2_LorenzoJonah_032 cuml_sc_2_LorenzoJonah_048 cuml_sc_2_LorenzoJonah_055

Click Here to see the whole thing at Titanmen. 

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Yusaf Mack’s Coming Out Story Ends at RAGE in WeHo


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JocksNewsPoe's Law

The story of former boxer Yusaf Mack is a modern gay fairytale, it starts with turmoil and ends up at Rage in West Hollywood. The unlikely pornstar threw himself a glitzy coming out party last Saturday November the 8th at RAGE. It was only a few weeks ago when the father of ten broke the Internet for performing in a hardcore gay threesome and made the story even more outrageous by claiming he was drugged.

The wild tale of being tricked into sucking dick and fucking ass seemed unlikely and not many people believed the story, but since then athlete has cleared the air. The latest development in this wild gay porn story is that Mack is officially out of the closet and threw himself a wild coming out party in WeHo.

Yusaf Mack Coming Out Party Weho

Yusaf Mack, if you’re reading this we’d LOVE to give you another chance at gay porn, holler at us here.

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Meet The Newest Exclusive TitanMen Performer: Dallas Steele


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Dallas Steele Exclusive TitanMen ModelTitanMen is proud to announce it has signed fan favorite Dallas Steele to their roster of equally impressive exclusive masculine and muscular performers.

The retired news anchor and reporter turned personal trainer and pornstar stands 6-foot three inches tall and weighs 220 pounds. Dallas Steele has already electrified fans in TitanMen hit films “Break a Sweat” and “Blue Collar Ballers” and is scheduled to appear in several highly anticipated story driven movies for 2016.

Steele will also headline the first ever TitanLive Featured show Saturday November 7th at 7pm, PST.  The 2 hour live show will feature Steele celebrating his birthday by interacting with fans, taking questions and culminating with solo toy show.  The show is free for all members of, and will be simulcast as PPV/PPM on giving everyone a chance to spend the night with Dallas!

Dallas Steele Exclusive TitanMen Model

“There are a handful of legendary companies in gay male porn and TitanMen is one of them.” Steele said “TitanMen is a powerful brand that represents intense masculinity, sexuality, and style. TitanMen’s production is tasteful, well illuminated, well photographed, and intensely sexual, without feeling sleazy and low end. The editing is crisp, well-paced and gives thoughtful consideration to what the viewer wants to see. The trailers are so well done, I’m often tempted to show my parents I’m so proud. I am honored to be a TitanMan.”

Dallas Steele’s herculean muscles and big, beautiful nine-inch cut cock are uncommon, but what makes him even unique is his sophistication, work ethic, and social media presence. The witty and articulate scruffy daddy has already penned several popular articles on exploring topics related to fitness, and the reality of working in the adult industry. Steele is another addition to TitanMen exclusive performers that now includes Jesse Jackman, Hunter Marx, Nick Prescott, Matthew Bosch, Eric Nero, Jay Bentley, Eddy Ceetee and another industry powerhouse soon to be announced.

“Dallas Steele is one of the most powerful performers to hit the industry in a long, long time,” says Keith Webb, Vice President of Titan Media. ”He’s a quadruple threat: Movie-star handsome, built like a Greek god, huge cock that always stays rock hard, and he can deliver dialogue like a real actor! Dallas has an incredible career ahead of him, and we are extremely lucky to have him as part of the TitanMen family.  After a 20+ year career as a TV anchorman and reporter, Dallas is ready to start a whole new chapter in his life, so watch out world here he cums!”

Dallas Steele TitanMen Model

Coinciding with their 20 year brand anniversary has re-launched a brand spanking new responsive tour featuring high-definition movie trailers and images, which has already increased conversions across all traffic sources since launching in July improving overall membership join income by 25 percent. Affiliates looking to promote the iconic gay brand can sign up at, powered by TLA, features all available TitanMen DVDs, toys and lube. In addition, you can now find out of print movie titles from TitanMen, TitanMen Fresh, MSR Video and ROUGH thru TLA’s exclusive Ready-Disc Program – custom manufactured-on-demand discs, complete with full packaging and artwork.

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Boxer Yusaf Mack Claims He Was Drugged During A Gay Porn Shoot


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Yusaf Mack Gay Porn Actor

Recently retired boxer Yusaf Mack has claimed after being caught in a gay porn video with two other men, that he was drugged and tricked into performing gay sex. After finding himself short on cash, he agreed to make his XXX debut in a straight porn after someone reached out to him on Facebook and made him an offer.

The muscular athlete boarded a train from Philly to New York City, and found himself in an apartment where there were naked women on set. He took a shot and a pill to prepare himself for the performance and blacked out. The next thing he reminders is pulling into the Philly train station with a fat wad of money ($4,500) in his pocket.

Yusaf Mack Appeared in a Gay Porn

The broke boxer has ten kids which apparently proves how much he loves having sex with women and is engaged to a female fiancee. It is impossible to say whether or not this crazy story is true, especially since Mack claims that he cannot get in touch with the person who reached out to him on Facebook because he forgot his password. If Mack really was dosed with what sounds like GHB, he ought report the incident to authorities and slap a criminal charge and/or a lawsuit on the producers of the alleged film and soon.

Being taken advantage of sexually is never acceptable and reputable porn studios do not drug straight men into performing gay sex. Legit porn studios also do not let their porn performers take drugs and drink before they perform. There are plenty of gays who do porn on a consensual basis in an incredibly saturated and competitive market (and more amateurs who want to do it even though they lack the fitness, stamina, or work ethic).

Eddy Ceetee in "Break a Sweat"

At we just filmed a safe, sane, and consensual scene between self-proclaimed gay porn stars Eddy CeeTee and Jesse Jackman boxing. I won’t say who wins the sparring but honestly we all win watching manly-man Jesse Jackman take a deep dicking from furry younger Lebanese stud Eddy CeeTee.

We promise no former professional athletes were harmed of the making of “Break a Sweat”. So if you are frantically searching for this mysterious gay porn movie with fallen-from-grace boxer Yusaf Mack, just sign up to instead. You won’t be disappointed.

Eddy CeeTee and Jesse Jackman in "Break a Sweat"




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