Finally… the full X-Rated Trailer for Incubus 2: the final chapter


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It’s been a long time coming and having been given an advance screener to watch so I’d know what to write about… WOW.

Francois Sagat returns with the second half of his Baffling-But-Riveting porn opus “Incubus,” this time it becomes more clear that this is Francois’s statement about how the porn industry captures, ensnares and devours it’s stars.

Divided again in three sections bridged with imagery of forced bondage, stark emptiness and raging storms, Incubus 2: The Final Chapter never lets the art and stunning visual explosion over-shadow the sex scenes which – let’s face it – is what porn is all about.

Scene 1 shows Francois being sexually  objectified (and possibly harassed) by a sleazy photographer played by David Anthony, scene 2 shows a picture of decadent abandon as a massive and muscular Jesse Jackman eating and drinking until he halucinates bottoming for Bacchus, the Roman god of wine and intoxication in the middle of a violent thunder and lightning storm. (the storm was real… If you watch the behind-the-scenes clips I’ve posted before, you’ll see and hear the storms while they shot the scene).

Scene 3 depicts Francois battling himself, finally. We saw a short preview in Part 1 with a clip of Francois wrestling himself under water in a sort of breath-control, Auto-erotic asphyxiation scene (not a lot of those in porn), but here we see a full wrestling and hardcore scene. Francois actually fucking himself is a sight to see. But the real stars here, aside from Francois who delivers a bang-on performance even for him, are the editors who really do convince you that you’re seeing Francois and Francois together in a porn scene.

Coming soon only to Titanmen

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Incubus 2: the Final Chapter


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It started out as the secret project that Titan was working on, whispered rumors about the return of Francois Sagat, performers quietly relaying stories about intense late night shoots, costumes and set design that none had seen before, CGI, body doubles, and an army of consultants and production crew.

When Francois Sagat’s Incubus finally debuted late last year, the anticipation was deafening and Titanmen unleashed a porn movie that not only brought porn movies to a new level and created a new career for it’s star, it also turned in some of the hottest performances from porn mega stars like Spencer Reed, Shay Michaels, Aymeric Deville and Sagat himself. Incubus wasn’t genre-busting, it was a genre-creating movie that fans and porn blogeratti debated, deconstructed and ultimately hailed as the movie that would change everything.

Titan used the movie to launch their new, and extremely successful, website and, if I may be so bold, brought in your new friend Finn Brooks (aka me) to give you a before-unseen view of the production process. Unlike a lot of porn movies shot in a matter of days, Incubus and it’s soon-to-be released second part took nearly 6 weeks to shoot, bringing crew from the crack of dawn, late into the night and even a 4 AM surprise session when Francois’s mentor, Titanmen director Brian Mills shot tapes full of the violent thunder and lightning storms that blanket the film.

Notoriously media-shy and more interested in letting fans try to make sense of his madness on their own, Francois further surprised the porn world when it became known he’d allowed the entire production process to be documented and captured on video. For the first time fans were not only able to see him performing in his final creations and performances, they got a glimpse of a Francois they hadn’t seen before… casually laughing with his crew over breakfast, expressing doubts in his own abilities as a director and even talking frankly about the way he saw himself. A “Pre-Production” documentary shows him in Paris, hanging out with friends, taking part in a video conference meeting with the Titanmen production team in San Francisco and preparing for the next chapter in his life.

Francois’s blog was filled with countless Behind-The-Scenes video showing everything from him shopping at Home Depot to directing his first scenes and even giving fans advice on how to give the best blow job. Showing an unexpected comedic side, his blog has become a hugely-popular destination for fans.

What he didn’t do was really explain the whole meaning behind the visually stunning movie he’d just released. That’s apparently about to change. Sagat promises that with Incubus 2: The Final Chapter, fans will finally understand the narrative he’s been showing. Wether or not that’s true remains to be seen but the newly-released trailer for Incubus 2 shows him one-upping himself; In Incubus, he wrestled himself underwater in a beautiful a mind-fuckingly hot scene (which reportedly took four cameramen, a massive bank of lights and a Francois Sagat body double who sat through two hours of makeup to have all the signature tattoos applied to him). In Incubus 2, Francois battles himself in a real wrestling match on the mat and fucks “himself.”

This is also where we finally get to see the scene that Jesse Jackman has been talking about on his blog with “about a hundred pounds of grapes.”

I’ll have more later. A lot more. Hope you enjoy the trailer…

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Making the “Incubus bed Sequence.”


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Here’s a cool “making of” clip from Incubus Part 1. After the editors went through the hundreds of hours of footage shot while Francois and the crew were making Incubus parts 1&2, they found enough that we’ll be able to show you every aspect of making the movie from preproduction to costume design to the shoots and still shoots and even how they did some of the special effects like the green screen body doubles and some of the really wild sequences like the rope tying and the score.

Stay Tuned.

OH… and the Valentine’s Day Sale has been extended!!

So you can still get full and unlimited access to Titan’s HUGE online catalogue streaming beautifully to your iPad, iPhone and computer (and with an Apple mobile device and an AppleTV, you can use airplay to stream to your big screen TV).

And it’s 50% off if you buy 6 months for $69.95.

Incubus Part 2 is out in March…

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Ever Choke Your Chicken in the Pale Moonlight?


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Every time I see clips from the Making Of Incubus, I’m blown away by how much work and attention to detail that Francois Sagat, Brian Mills and all of the guys put into it.

This clip is beautiful the way that the water is lit and glistening off François’s muscles and how the sound of the crickets and the water in the pool make it feel so secluded and intimate.

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This is what a staff party looks like at Titanmen


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Just after we wrapped shooting the last scene for Incubus Part 1 (although Part 2 was still under way), we had a bit of a wrap party that served also as birthday party for Hunter Marx. Those guys had just shot a totally incredible scene set in a sex club that starts with Aymeric Deville bound and suspended from the ceiling in some of the most beautiful rope tying you’ll see. It was a bit like a Geiger painting.

Which was the look Francois had envisioned when he wrote the script.

The guys hung out for a bit, hopped in the shower to clean off and then headed down to the Castro to shoot a video we’ll have here for you very soon… one that you’re really not going to want to miss…

But if you want to see the cliff hanger ending from Incubus Part 1, you can see a clip from it here or check out the gallery after the jump…

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Tour of the Titan blogs…


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In case you’ve missed what the guys have been up to…

Jesse Jackman posted a fun clip of himself in the shower with Hunter Marx after the finished shooting Jesse’s first Titanmen scene in the movie Surveillance due out any day now…

Dario Beck had himself a viral hit with his adorable music video for “Blame It On The Bossa Nova.”

Francois Sagat posted a bunch of clips from the making of his movie Incubus and plans to have many more on the way…

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More from the making of the Party scene from Incubus.


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Here is more from the shooting of the party scene at the start of Incubus. We took our time shooting this part which is the start of the madness that follows. But what was so fun about this was that we were actually having a party with refreshments and drinks so the crowd could have a good time while we made the movie around them.

The final bit of this video really says it all. Francois was so excited to see the image of my evil clone approaching the camera and saying “drink” that he was a bit giddy.

Which, I should point out… is about 80% off. This deal won’t last long so nab it now…

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Francois Sagat’s Incubus – and a SUPER SPECIAL join from price at Titanmen!


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It’s finally here.

After months of production, industry rumors and a closely-guarded set in the desert of the Cochella Valley in Southern California, François Sagat’s Incubus is out. The jaw-dropping visuals and compelling imagery seen in the leaked shots fascinated and baffled people, starting countless conversations of just what François was up to this time. Featuring a mega-star cast including Hunter Marx, Spencer Reed, David Anthony, Junior Stellano, Jessy Ares, Shay Michaels, Jimmy Durano and Shay Michaels, Incubus was shot as two parts as the direct oral debut of Francois Sagat. It’s artistic, it’s compelling but above all else, it’s a full-on gay hardcore porn movie starring one of the most iconic porn stars ever.

And news gets better than Titan is also launching a totally redesigned site where members can get access to the complete Titanmen catalogue, streaming beautifully in HD on your computer and mobile devices. I just watched the whole first scene (which clocks in at a full 53 minutes and features 6 cum shots from 3 men!) on my iPad and I think it’s my new best friend.

And I’ll even better that.

Right now, you can join Titanmen’s site for a whopping 80% off. $99 for a full year of unlimited streaming of the entire catalogue of Titanmen, plus more movies by huge directors like Michael Lucas and Chichi Larue.

Incubus also features the first-time appearances of Jessie Jackman and Trenton Ducati, both of whom have already gained large followings before their first scenes are even released. Fans won’t be disappointed to finally see them in action.

Here at I’ve been posting lots of “making of” and “behind the scenes” video from the set and now that it’s out I’ll have a LOT more to post. You can also see a lot of bonus video on the blogs of Francois Sagat, David Anthony, and Jesse Jackman.

Check out the full gallery after the jump…

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The Extended Cut of the “Incubus” opening scene.


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There were two different edits of the opening sequence of Incubus. This is the first version that Francois Sagat and Brian Mills decided was a bit too long and in the words of François, “too linear.” The opening sequence sets up the movie but it made sense to them to work it all in a different order and make it tighter. It meant that the film opens quite differently, which you can see on the newly re-designed Titanmen site NOW!!

The opening they went with everyone agrees it a much better choice. It fits the tone and style of the movie better and visually it explodes onto the screen in color and shapes and sound. The editors did an amazing job of using the hours and hours of footage and creating such a spectacle. But it’s also a lot shorter. François wanted to move it along fast and keep the pacing and excitement up.

This sequence features more shots of various characters at the party. The editors were mesmerized by seeing Spencer Reed and Jimmy Durano dance in their Slick-it-Up outfits. Only a couple shots made the final edit, but we thought it was worth sharing.

Oh, you also get a look at Trenton Ducati in his reddish Slick It Up hood.

There’s a very fun “Making Of” clip over on François’s blog.

Incubus finally has it’s first scene released tomorrow on

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Finally… The Full, X-Rated Trailer for Francois Sagat’s Incubus.


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It’s finally ready and while Francois, Brian and Bruce put the finishing touches on it, we can now have a look at the full X-rated trailer for Francois Sagat’s “Incubus” which looks to be just the surreal, sexual, visually stunning and still mega-erotic tour-de-fouce you’d expect from Francois.

One of the things he said in his short documentary was that he wanted to make a movie that was challenging to the mind but didn’t want any of the visuals or imagery to get in the way of the fact that this is still a hot porn movie. He didn’t want to make an art film with sex, he wanted to make a porn movie that you can’t take your eyes off. And he’s been successful.

This clip also gives us a VERY long-awaited look at Titanmen Exclusive Trenton Ducati in his first-ever scene. He’s already got a huge fan base that can’t wait to see him in action. They finally get to have their first glimpse (and the recently-released clip of him being welcomed to the Titanmen family in traditional fashion by Shay Michaels doesn’t really count but it was still hot).

Incubus will be released world-wide to Titanmen’s VOD site very soon…

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Titanmen Tattoos


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Spencer Reed showing us his ink work. Don’t have any tattoos myself yet but I love hearing about the stories behind people’s artwork. When something is going to be on you forever, you really have to be sure you want it there. You can see Spencer in action and see how those tattoos stretch here.

Trenton’s first movie isn’t out yet… look for him mid December in Francois Sagat’s Incubus.

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Brian Mills explains the concept of the first sex scene from Incubus


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OK, so the obvious question… WTF is that on his head? Well, it’s the head cam that François wore while shooting three scenes in Incubus. Brian was using it to test how it looked and worked before they shot any of the principal footage. The effect is incredible, although the biggest problem, apparently, is that it’s large enough to cast a shadow that had to be digitally removed from the video.

But hearing Brian explain his take on the movie and it’s meaning is a fascinating insight into what’s becoming the most anticipated porn movie of the year.

Brian Mills has directed some of the biggest hits for Titanmen. Click Here to check out his filmography. On Incubus, he acted as Co-Director and mentor to François.

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How To Fuck. (parts 1 & 2)


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Some more behind the scenes advice from the set of Francois Sagat’s Incubus. It will be coming out on Titanmen in under month… watch this space.

You can already see Shay and Spencer in action on Titanmen now!

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Francois Sagat – Making Incubus


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Francois Sagat’s Incubus: Pre-production documentary from Titan Men on Vimeo.

Francois Sagat just posted this extremely enjoyable documentary about the preproduction of his movie “Incubus” which is due out next month on Titanmen.

Gilles Bindi’s revealing look at François Sagat as he prepares to enter a new stage in his life, moving from performer to director, writer and producer. Shot primarily in Paris as he contemplates his place in the adult industry, his own sexual personal development and what’s motivated him to make changes in his life, François allows a rare peek into the enigmatic artist’s world. Featuring his co-director and mentor Brian Mills, Francois is preparing for the production of the first feature he’ll helm, “Incubus.” We get to see the inter-continental pre-production meetings as well as get a glimpse of the costumes from designers like Slick It Up, Charlie Le Mindu (most recently known for his designs for Lady Gaga) and Sagat himself. A fascinating look at a fascinating figure, one we rarely get to see in such casual and un-scripted settings.

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Spencer, Francois and Shay still shoot


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Another Behind-The-Scenes clip from the set of Francois Sagat’s Incubus which is coming out on Titanmen in early December. This is from a three-way scene between Francois, Shay Michaels and Spencer Reed shot in a semi constructed house in the Cochella Valley near Palm Springs. The costumes look wild and were apparently designed by François and created with Slick It Up, a company that François has worked with many times.

You can see a new clip like this every day over on Francois’s blog  at

Can’t wait to see the final movie, here at the Titan office, the buzz has been unstoppable. People are really excited by what they’re doing.. saying that it’s going to be a fantastic movie, not only extremely hot with amazing sex scenes but also something that’s going to be visually stunning too. From the few peeks I’ve had, I have to say I agree..

You can see all three of these men in action at Titanmen right now. What I love about our site is not only how top-notch the catalogue is but how well it works on computers, tablets, iPhones, Androids, iPads and LapTops. And when you get the best movies directed by the best directors like Joe Gage, Bruce Cam, Brian Mills, Paul Wilde and even movies from the industry’s biggest stars like ChiChi La Rue, Michael Lucas and Dirk Yates, you’ve got the best deal possible for any gay porn site.


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