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Director’s Blog: Most people have never had to direct their best friend in a porn scene, but…


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OK so… let’s go back a few years. I was just granted my dream job. I was now director of production at Titanmen. I had worshiped Titanmen since their debut in the 90s, and even after working in porn for a few years, I’d never allowed myself to think I could get a job at Titan, let alone be given the Captain’s chair. And yet… there I was.

Except… I was now kind of on my own. The team I’d worked with for 3 years as 2nd director and camera man were gone. I had to hire a whole new crew, I had to find locations in Los Angeles, I had to cast the movies, write the scripts, plan shoots, buy plane tickets and book hotels… drive the stars from the airport… All that Jazz. The buck, which I was mostly responsible for before, was now landing directly in my lap. And this was my first movie at the helm.

I can’t give names, but instead of hiring a crew of unseasoned workers, I dipped into my pool of friends who worked for major studios. My buddy Darius Union had been a camera man on a LOT of movies you’ve seen (a couple of which may have won Oscars)…. Motorboot Robert was a line producer for a major Los Angeles new agency. These were guys who I knew had the chops, even if they’d never seen a naked man at work before.

Then I had to cast the movie. I called in some big hitters… Landon Conrad, George Ce, Alex Graham, Eric Nero, Tex Davidson… but I had to cast a teacher for the “coach fucks the quarterback” scene.

And while I was going through my rolodex ( had considered Dirk Caber, Spencer Reed, Will Swagger and Allen Silver), my best friend Tom Nero called me and said “So…. I dunno if this could happen, but I’m going to Thailand next summer, and I’d really love to make some cash to pay for it…. would you hire me for a Titan movie?

My first reaction was “Tom…. I know you have a dick, but I never EVER want to see it.

But then I thought… well… he was in two Joe Gage movies, Joe said he was “amazing and that cock is like a missile” and hey…. he’s my best friend so… sure… why not? I knew I could count on him.

So… there we go… and I shot Tom along with Alex Graham in my first movie as Director Of Production for Titanmen.

I walked onto the set (which was the same basement in a huge house in Atwater Village where we eventually shot both Bad Cop movies, parts of Jail Break and Muscle Daddies) and there was my best friend Tom.


I stood there in a bit of shock… He’s ripped and hairy ( I already knew that) and his dick is quite impressive.

So… we just pushed forward.

We got the acting part out of the way and then it was time for the making out, the dick sucking and the fucking to happen. THAT was kinda weird but hot to watch. Tom is hot… I’ll admit that. He’s handsome and his body is amazing and his dick is big with a huge mushroom head. He’s covered in hair and he’s got this amazing intensity that makes him a perfect porn daddy.

But I was still directing my best friend fucking Alex Graham.

And then… just because I was the one in charge… I said “I think we need to switch positions…. I think Tom needs to bottom here.

He gave me a nervous look and then a “we’ll talk about this later” look. And then… he got up and got fucked. And I was the one yelling “FUCK HIM HARDER!”

Editing that scene was rough. I had to throw in a lot of sounds of a bunch of men in a gym playing basketball and a lot of sound editing… and I had to watch my best friend get his ass fucked. but in the end, we got a really hot scene.

That said… Tom told me “one of these days, I’m going to get you back for getting me to bottom and you’re going to limp for a week.”

So… looks like it’s my ass and he’ll get the last laugh. Oh well..

Wanna see the whole movie? It’s downloadable at Titanmen in crystal-clear HD and you can stream it in HD to your computer or mobile devices… it’s like having a complete and ever-updating Titanmen DVD catalogue in your back pocket any time you want to watch.

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Flashback!! – PORN STAR, BABY!! – Jessy, Hunter and Aymeric walking through the Castro naked and singing.


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Back in late September of 2011, there was a huge Twitter burst of people reporting “three naked guys walking around the Castro in San Francisco shooting a music video.”

What they were seeing wasn’t some group hallucination but Jessy Ares, Hunter Marx and Aymeric Deville shooting the video for Jessy’s song “Porn Star” which is on his album Shameless.

Hunter and Aymeric weren’t in the movie, but you can see the mega-hot 4-way scene starring Jessy here.

It’s also featured in the  Titan movie Command Performance which is due out next week on Titanmen.

And yes, that actually was legal to do in San Francisco. Not anymore.

Joining Titanmen doesn’t just get you full and unlimited access to the newest scenes (multiple releases weekly give you an endless supply of new stuff to watch), it gives you COMPLETE access to the Entire Titanmen On-line Catalogue. That’s OVER 20 YEARS of the hottest gay porn ever made… from the top directors like Bruce CamBrian MillsTony BuffJoe GagePaul WildeFrancois Sagat and Jasun Mark.

Members can stream in crystal-clear HD to their computer or mobile devices… so when the mood strikes, you have a complete Titanmen DVD catalogue in your back pocket.

Prefer to download? Members can download their favorite scenes DRM-free.

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Gay Comic Geek reviews 2MenKiss


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Making Vegan Cheese for Bruce Beckham


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So… our good friend Bruce Beckham has been adding a lot of vegan food into his diet.

And for those of you who’ve been paying attention to more than all the hot men here at Titanmen… you’ll know that our lead director Jasun Mark still eats vegan often and WAS fully vegan for years.


When Jasun found out Bruce had begun to eat a primarily plant-based diet, he thought he had to help him out with whatever ideas he could and THAT meant… Jasun’s recipe for vegan Parmesan cheese. It’s not a full meal, of course, but it’s a great savory condiment for anyone wanting to add some zing without also adding animal products.

Here’s Jasun’s recipe:

  • 1 cup raw, unsalted cashews, slowly toasted in a frying pan
  • 1/2 cup nutritional yeast flakes
  • 1/4 teaspoon turmeric
  • tablespoon olive oil (or any oil you choose; coconut, avocado, etc)
  • 1/4 teaspoon sea salt
  • dash of pepper

Combine ingredients in a mincer or herb chopper.

Have some fun with the recipe. If you want to add some chili pepper, garlic salt, dried onion or oregano… feel free. Play around. Find your perfect flavor for you.

Check out Bruce’s most recent scene in Beards with Alex Mecum here… 

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Who’s Afraid Of Vagina Wolf? Music video directed by our own Jasun Mark


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In a pretty wild departure from his day job, our fearless director Jasun Mark took time from his schedule recently to direct this rather gorgeous music video for his fellow Canadian and iconic lesbian rock star Carole Pope.

Here in America you may remember Carole as the lead singer of the New Wave rock band Rough Trade and their sole hit single in America “All Touch,” although if you’re a fan of Queer As Folk, you’ll also remember her dance song “High School Confidential” which was a cover of her own song (that was one of the many hits she and Rough Trade racked up in their native Canada in the 80s).

This new song is a very Shirley Bassey-like torch song from the Lesbian romantic comedy “Who’s Afraid Of Vagina Wolf.”

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Shirtless Military Men Walk To Raise Awareness For PTSD


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Last Weekend over fifty buff and gorgeous marines in San Diego walked down Pacific Beach wearing only their silkies (which double as running shorts and underwear), 22 kg packs, and their smiles. The marines walked to raise awareness of ptsd, which drives 22 vets a day to kill themselves. We honor their cause and thank them for their service (and these hot pictures). In their own words “We want all civilians to know that the best way to support your loved ones who are dealing with demons from combat, is to facilitate communication between your loved one and the men he served with in combat. If you can do that, you could save their life.”

Follow their organization efforts on their website Here.

Shirtless Marines Walk To Raise Awareness for PTSD Screen-Shot-2015-07-27-at-8.30.44-AM-499x670 Screen-Shot-2015-07-27-at-8.31.40-AM-543x670 Screen-Shot-2015-07-27-at-8.31.56-AM-670x603 Screen-Shot-2015-07-27-at-8.36.00-AM-670x499 Screen-Shot-2015-07-27-at-8.37.01-AM-661x670 Screen-Shot-2015-07-27-at-8.37.35-AM-670x480

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Cluster Fucked: The Group Scene from Fear


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With a bit of a twisted “wink and nod” to the classic movie Deliverance, Brian Mills directed Titanmen’s classic Fear starring Francois Sagat and Dean Flynn as two boyfriends who take a wrong turn in the woods…

Two boyfriends—TitanMen exclusives François Sagat and Dean Flynn—hike shirtless across the countryside, but thanks to some intentionally bad directions given to them earlier by Brody Newport, they become lost. They decide to take a break, Dean whipping his cock out for a piss. Unable to control himself, François dips his hand into the stream of his boyfriend’s hot piss.


They kiss and Dean drops to his knees as he peels back François’s shorts to reveal an already rock-hard, gloriously thick, uncut cock waiting for a servicing. François returns the favor, swallowing every inch of Dean’s equally rock-hard cock with his mouth. It’s a rare moment of romance between the two as they savor each other’s near-perfect bodies, cocks, and assholes. But evil is brewing in the background as CJ, Brody and Diesel set their sights on them, stalking the two lovers from afar.

See the whole movie at Titanmen…

fehc_d2_097_1_580x326 fehc_d2_134_1_580x326 fehc_d2_058_1_580x326 fehc_d2_070_1_580x326 fehc_d2_005_1 fehc_d2_120_1 bts_1 cumshots_1 fehc_d2_128_1 fehc_d2_132_extra2_1


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nice Video fanmade : KICK’MASS PACK


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Making the Bacchus Scene


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LOTS of requests for more video of François Sagat directing… here’s some fun with Jesse Jackman.

Watching a scene like the Bacchus scene and how it was made demonstrates just how much work and attention to detail and special effects. It was also nice that the gods of thunder and rain cooperated and gave us the perfect touch of a storm while we were shooting.

If you haven’t seen this clip of Brian Mills being interviewed about Francois’s transition from star to director while Francois is tied up in ropes to be suspended for the Video Demon scene, check it out.

More than just everyone doing their own jobs, the set was abuzz with people coming up with ideas on the fly, suggesting things, figuring out how to make them happen and joining in the whole creation of Incubus.

But to diminish the role of Francois in all of this would be a crime. He’s a creative genius and just watching this movie shows that from start to finish. And we’re very proud of Incubus.

You can get both DVDs on sale at Titanmen’s DVD store here.

Or join and stream all movies – the entire Titanmen online catalogue – in crystal clear HD.

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Look Back… Making The Rope Suspension Scene from Incubus


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Check out this pretty fascinating 2-part “making of” video shot on the set of François Sagat’s Incubus. He’s posted this video over at his own blog before, but I wanted to post them both here to show you just how much work and thought went into the making of François’ magnum Opus, multi-award-winning movie.

Here’s part 2…

You can download Inbucus DRM-free at Titanmen or stream it and the entire Titanmen online catalogue in crystal-clear HD to your computer or mobile devices at

Check out some stills after the jump…

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David Anthony… still dripping with his own cum… interviewed about his dick. HOT.


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This is another lost gem from the amazing Joe Gage movie Caught In The Act.

After blowing his load all over Hunter Marx, David Anthony stand there with that handsome smile and gets asked about his dick and how he handles it when someone might not be able to take it.

Though a lot of us would try…

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THAT’s Not A Wallaby!


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I love this. The final 20 seconds of the new Titanmen feature movie Dick Danger has this cute end-clip with Hans Berlin making a cameo as the victim of one of “Ozman”‘s scams. While the script originally called for a Swede, Hans is actually speaking German. The “counterfeit wallaby” is director Jasun Mark’s dog Massamiliano.

Click Here to see a preview of the whole movie at Titanmen.

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Caption THIS…


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From the new hit Titanmen Movie Fast Friends.

Stany Falcone had just been on the receiving end of Tristan Jaxx’s dick… and was very surprised to see…. that.

Check out Fast Friends at Titanmen.

full gallery after the jump…

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The Titanmen Sale Continues… and Dad takes a Fisting Trip!


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I hope you enjoyed the headline, Paul Wilde is going to hogtie me in the basement, flog me with USB cables and leave me for dead as punishment.

A while back you may remember that I posted this clip of Tibor Wolf getting a MASSIVE pig snout-shaped butt plug into his hole.

Well in another scene from Paul Wilde’s movie Fight, Fuck, Fist Tibor gets down and dirty with another OxBalls creation (this time the Nut Butt Plug that’s shaped like a pair of upside-down esticles) and his fisting top was none other than Allen Silver, star of such Titanmen classics as Barn Storm, Chainsaw and Inmates (plus being the star of our friend Joe Gage’s “Dad” series).

Tibor is hot… his accent makes him irresistible and he’s a master of opening wide and saying “oink.” It’s why we love him so much.

Fight, Fuck, Fist also features the “Bully” scene with Spencer Reed and Draven Torres and the highly-anticipated “Mud WrestlingPit” scene with Hunter Marx and Shay Michaels.

You can watch the whole movie only at the new Titanmen website.

AND.. right now you can get Titanmen for the super-special price of 180 days of unlimited access to our whole online catalogue for only $69.

Check out the whole gallery after the jump…

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In case you missed it…


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Also this week…

On JesseJackmanXXX, Jesse comes out.

No, not like that. Jesse and Dirk Caber have finally come out about how they’ve been a couple for the last few months. It’s been a topic of discussion and rumor here for a bit and it’s great to see two such handsome and downright nice guys together and happy. I’d reach for a tissue but I used them all jerking off at…

Jesse also posted this adorably cute video shot only minutes after he arrived on the set of Incubus. He was outside naked sunbathing, Jasun grabbed the camera and stuck it in his face – or – well, no he focused tight on Jesse’s dick and then got the man to tell us all about himself in his own words. When you get to the chest closeup at the end, don’t say I didn’t warn you. And have tissue close by.

Speaking of Jesse, even Francois Sagat is in on the fun, posting this amazing behind-the-scenes video that shows Jesse doing the solo intro to the “Bacchus” scene from Incubus Part 2. Jesse and his dick are hot enough but seeing Francois dressed casually, sitting behind the director’s desk, directing the action and being so professional and showing his behind-the-camera skills.

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