Cluster Fucked: The Group Scene from Fear

With a bit of a twisted “wink and nod” to the classic movie Deliverance, Brian Mills directed Titanmen’s classic Fear starring Francois Sagat and Dean Flynn as two boyfriends who take a wrong turn in the woods…

Two boyfriends—TitanMen exclusives François Sagat and Dean Flynn—hike shirtless across the countryside, but thanks to some intentionally bad directions given to them earlier by Brody Newport, they become lost. They decide to take a break, Dean whipping his cock out for a piss. Unable to control himself, François dips his hand into the stream of his boyfriend’s hot piss.


They kiss and Dean drops to his knees as he peels back François’s shorts to reveal an already rock-hard, gloriously thick, uncut cock waiting for a servicing. François returns the favor, swallowing every inch of Dean’s equally rock-hard cock with his mouth. It’s a rare moment of romance between the two as they savor each other’s near-perfect bodies, cocks, and assholes. But evil is brewing in the background as CJ, Brody and Diesel set their sights on them, stalking the two lovers from afar.

See the whole movie at Titanmen…

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Making the Bacchus Scene

LOTS of requests for more video of François Sagat directing… here’s some fun with Jesse Jackman.

Watching a scene like the Bacchus scene and how it was made demonstrates just how much work and attention to detail and special effects. It was also nice that the gods of thunder and rain cooperated and gave us the perfect touch of a storm while we were shooting.

If you haven’t seen this clip of Brian Mills being interviewed about Francois’s transition from star to director while Francois is tied up in ropes to be suspended for the Video Demon scene, check it out.

More than just everyone doing their own jobs, the set was abuzz with people coming up with ideas on the fly, suggesting things, figuring out how to make them happen and joining in the whole creation of Incubus.

But to diminish the role of Francois in all of this would be a crime. He’s a creative genius and just watching this movie shows that from start to finish. And we’re very proud of Incubus.

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Look Back… Making The Rope Suspension Scene from Incubus

Check out this pretty fascinating 2-part “making of” video shot on the set of François Sagat’s Incubus. He’s posted this video over at his own blog before, but I wanted to post them both here to show you just how much work and thought went into the making of François’ magnum Opus, multi-award-winning movie.

Here’s part 2…

You can download Inbucus DRM-free at Titanmen or stream it and the entire Titanmen online catalogue in crystal-clear HD to your computer or mobile devices at Titanmen.com

Check out some stills after the jump…

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David Anthony… still dripping with his own cum… interviewed about his dick. HOT.

This is another lost gem from the amazing Joe Gage movie Caught In The Act.

After blowing his load all over Hunter Marx, David Anthony stand there with that handsome smile and gets asked about his dick and how he handles it when someone might not be able to take it.

Though a lot of us would try…

Screenshot 2014-01-25 20.33.55

THAT’s Not A Wallaby!

I love this. The final 20 seconds of the new Titanmen feature movie Dick Danger has this cute end-clip with Hans Berlin making a cameo as the victim of one of “Ozman”‘s scams. While the script originally called for a Swede, Hans is actually speaking German. The “counterfeit wallaby” is director Jasun Mark’s dog Massamiliano.

Click Here to see a preview of the whole movie at Titanmen.

Caption THIS…

From the new hit Titanmen Movie Fast Friends.

Stany Falcone had just been on the receiving end of Tristan Jaxx’s dick… and was very surprised to see…. that.

Check out Fast Friends at Titanmen.

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The Titanmen Sale Continues… and Dad takes a Fisting Trip!

I hope you enjoyed the headline, Paul Wilde is going to hogtie me in the basement, flog me with USB cables and leave me for dead as punishment.

A while back you may remember that I posted this clip of Tibor Wolf getting a MASSIVE pig snout-shaped butt plug into his hole.

Well in another scene from Paul Wilde’s movie Fight, Fuck, Fist Tibor gets down and dirty with another OxBalls creation (this time the Nut Butt Plug that’s shaped like a pair of upside-down esticles) and his fisting top was none other than Allen Silver, star of such Titanmen classics as Barn Storm, Chainsaw and Inmates (plus being the star of our friend Joe Gage’s “Dad” series).

Tibor is hot… his accent makes him irresistible and he’s a master of opening wide and saying “oink.” It’s why we love him so much.

Fight, Fuck, Fist also features the “Bully” scene with Spencer Reed and Draven Torres and the highly-anticipated “Mud WrestlingPit” scene with Hunter Marx and Shay Michaels.

You can watch the whole movie only at the new Titanmen website.

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In case you missed it…

Also this week…

On JesseJackmanXXX, Jesse comes out.

No, not like that. Jesse and Dirk Caber have finally come out about how they’ve been a couple for the last few months. It’s been a topic of discussion and rumor here for a bit and it’s great to see two such handsome and downright nice guys together and happy. I’d reach for a tissue but I used them all jerking off at…

Jesse also posted this adorably cute video shot only minutes after he arrived on the set of Incubus. He was outside naked sunbathing, Jasun grabbed the camera and stuck it in his face – or – well, no he focused tight on Jesse’s dick and then got the man to tell us all about himself in his own words. When you get to the chest closeup at the end, don’t say I didn’t warn you. And have tissue close by.

Speaking of Jesse, even Francois Sagat is in on the fun, posting this amazing behind-the-scenes video that shows Jesse doing the solo intro to the “Bacchus” scene from Incubus Part 2. Jesse and his dick are hot enough but seeing Francois dressed casually, sitting behind the director’s desk, directing the action and being so professional and showing his behind-the-camera skills.