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Dallas Steele and Dakota Rivers top off Bad Cop 2… with a few hands-free cum shots.


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Scene 2 of Bad Cop featured Tex Davidson and Micah Brandt having sex in their locker room while unknowingly being caught on security camera, watched by Dallas Steele and Dakota Rivers. The movie ends with Dakota and Dallas having some fun of their own once the show is over.

This was SUCH a perfect scene to put a cap on the movie. Dallas was so turned on by the uniforms that he kept spontaneously cumming  hands-free through the whole shoot. Dakota was also getting off on that power-play of the uniforms. Seeing them really getting into it all is what makes the scene so hot.

Two tall, handsome men with big dicks, cop uniforms and a lot of cum… how can you not love this movie?

Click Here to see the whole movie at Titanmen.

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Bad Cop 2: Micah Brandt Twerks On Tex’s Dick


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Honestly… we haven’t seen anything like THAT for a while…

While Dallas Steele watches the pair on a hidden security camera in the locker room, Tex Davidson and Micah Brandt are fucking like nobody is watching. Micah gags on Tex’s MASSIVE dick (we already mentioned it yesterday in our Titanmen Big Dick List), straining to open wide enough to get the whole monster in his mouth.

These guys were REALLY hot for each other. Check out the extra gallery of pics after the jump on this post and you can see how the two were just naturally going together… THAT always makes for a hot scene.

Tex’s thick southern accent (how’d you think he got the name “Tex”?) makes the action even hotter while the two sweaty, muscular men fuck like animals… Tex lays back and Micah straddles his dick… sitting right down on it.. and – if you can imagine this – shakes his ass on it like he’s doing the hottest butt shake dance you can imagine.

This is a really hot scene and it ends JUST in time for Dallas and Dakota to get into some action of their own…

To be continued…

Watch the whole movie here.

Joining Titanmen doesn’t just get you full and unlimited access to the newest scenes (multiple releases weekly give you an endless supply of new stuff to watch), it gives you COMPLETE access to the Entire Titanmen On-line Catalogue. That’s OVER 20 YEARS of the hottest gay porn ever made… from the top directors like Bruce CamBrian MillsTony BuffJoe GagePaul WildeFrancois Sagat and Jasun Mark.

Members can stream in crystal-clear HD to their computer or mobile devices… so when the mood strikes, you have a complete Titanmen DVD catalogue in your back pocket.

Prefer to download? Members can download their favorite scenes DRM-free.

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Director’s Blog: Dallas Steele and Alex Mecum in AUDITION


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I stayed awake all night before this shoot kinda… freaking out.

Not because I was worried about my performers. I had an ace cast. Dirk Caber who’s been a Titan Man longer than I’ve worked here.  Liam Knox had done a couple scenes for us already and his acting wasn’t anything I was worried about. My two main stars for this scene were Dallas Steele and Alex Mecum. They’re amazing. Dallas and Alex are not only hot men who do great performances every single time we shoot together and they can both act well enough to carry off their couple of lines…

No, the reason I was kinda freaking out was that I had to also appear on camera for the first time since 2015 when we shot the Dallas/Jesse duo in OUT. And I’m just… a regular guy who now has to stand next to those Titans. That was kinda scary. But the guys totally stole the show. Most people won’t even notice me buried next to everyone else.

And of course, I was the only one really playing myself. I just had to do a regular photoshoot with Dallas and Alex like I normally do, and both of those men always look great on camera. So really, I just had to give my usual “grab your abs, chin down, big smile, exhale….” that I usually do.

Once we got past the opening bit, we turned it into a regular scene. I uttered my line… “ACTION.” And BANG… Dallas and Alex both rose to the occasion. When I have two vers performers, I always hope to get a flip scene… I always think those are the hottest. Both me were into it, so that’s what we got. I shot the whole thing on one couch and one main camera angle so it wasn’t a lot of moving around, I had to let the men steal the scene… and they did. I wasn’t worried about that, those guys can always deliver.

One of the biggest challenges when you’re shooting on a smaller piece of furniture like a couch is finding more than just a couple of angles to shoot… above, below, straight on… those are usually easy, but under shots, over shots, front and behind.. those can sometimes be a challenge to light and frame well.

This is a short movie… it’s got very little story, three scenes and while I had a lot of fun shooting the opening bits, I didn’t have much story to tell… so the men had to steal the movie from me… they did.

Hope you like this scene. This is two of the biggest porn stars of the moment doing what they do best and I’m very proud to be the one who got to shoot this one.

You can watch the whole movie at Titanmen.

Members of Titanmen get full, unrestricted access to the entire Titanmen online catalogue. That’s over 20 years of the best gay porn made. Streaming in crystal-clear HD to your computer or mobile devices, it’s like having a complete Titanmen library in your back pocket… any time the mood strikes you.

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CAUKE for President: Senator and his Chief of Staff secret affair leads to full exposure


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Instead of preparing for the debate, the senator strokes his uncut cock—and is caught by chief of staff Dallas Steele. The senator sucks Steele’s dick, pulsing out of his dress pants. They kiss, Steele’s salt-and-pepper beard soon wrapped around Bosch’s beauty. The sucker continues to work it in bed, fingering Bosch’s hole as he services him. The senator sucks him back, then straddles him and sits down on Steele’s rod. “Fuck me hard!” he moans as Steele grabs and spreads his hairy cheeks, the bottom’s huge dick circling around as he rides. Bosch gets pinned to the bed, his feet resting on the top’s chest as Steele’s pubes slam the bottom’s ass—the two finally releasing. As they lay in bed their phones light up as news of the Senators sextape going viral hits the internet! “Well, I guess you don’t have to lie anymore”, says Dallas to the stunned Senator.

Check Out The Entire Scene and Hundreds More Like It Here!

Cauke For President Scene 4

dallas hunter and matthew bosch in cauke for president

Dallas Steele in Cauke for President

Dallas Steele and Matthew Bosch in Cauke for President

Cauke for President

Dallas Steele and Matthew Bosch in Cauke for President

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Diesel Washington and Dallas Steele Star in ICONS


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ICONS is here. Muscle worship. Sport gear. Sword play. The juices flow hard and heavy as the Icons of TitanMen — including exclusives Jesse Jackman, Dallas Steele and returning legend Diesel Washington—show off their testosterone-dripping talents.

Diesel Washington and Dallas Steele Star in ICON

Covered in neoprene and wearing motorcycle helmets, Dallas Steele and Diesel Washington rub each other’s bodies—teasing each other as the tension builds. After sliding his helmet on Dallas’s ass, Diesel reaches around and releases the muscle stud’s throbber — then gets a whiff of it over his open visor. Diesel guides Dallas down, his huge dick soon choking the sucker. Dallas engulfs Diesel’s balls as the side of his face gets dick whipped, spitting down on his own cock as he sucks (“Get it wet,” moans Diesel as Dallas gasps).

icons_sc_066Diesel returns the favor, worshiping Dallas’ steel rod. Diesel opens wide, huge strands of spit falling to the floor. With one strand still stuck to his face, Diesel moves his head in circles to wrap the spit around Dallas’s cock again. Diesel beats his face with it, moaning as he sucks balls deep. Dallas fingers the spit and feeds it back to the breathless sucker. They kiss, then eat each other out. Diesel pins Dallas against the wall and fucks him hard, the rock-hard bottom then sitting down on the big dick—his massive legs working hard—before getting on his back. The two fire their wads, Diesel dousing the bottom’s groin.icons_sc_010



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Gay Comic Geek reviews Icons…


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We always love it when Gay Comic Geek reviews our movies, and this is a special one since it’s the return of Diesel Washington to Titanmen. Movie also stars Dallas Steele, Jesse Jackman, Colt Rivers, Tex Davidson and JJ Thicke.

See the whole movie at Titanmen.

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Put Cauke In The White House 2016


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“In these trying times, we need a real man with true family values to lead this nation. One that can make America gay… err, great again. Luckily there’s a brand new candidate that trumps all of the others and has all the big poles rising… unless a torrid sex scandal makes him go down. It’s your chance to show America you want Cauke for President! Directed by Jasun Mark, Cauke for President tells the story of a hunky and homophobic U.S. Senator who bears a striking physical resemblance to former U.S. Congressman Aaron Schock. While he’s running for President, his clandestine sexual hook-up spirals into a tale of political intrigue and sex. It stars Matthew Bosch is his gay porn debut as the Senator. He is joined by Dallas Steele as his Chief of Staff/lover, and David Benjamin as the ruthless Campaign Manager willing to do anything to get the Senator elected. The Senator uses Manhunt.net to find a hot hook-up in the form of hunky Nick Prescott, who secretly records their sex romp to expose the Senator. The Senator’s loyal staff does everything they can to protect the him from the release of the sex tape. But in the end the video goes viral on Pornhub.com, ending the campaign and destroying the Senator’s career. Or does it? Will the former Senator finally come out and become an advocate for the gay community that he once voted against? Will he have a Governor McGreevey moment and declare that he is a proud gay American? See Cauke for President!

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Happy Holidays From Dallas Steele


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Exclusive Titanmen Model Dallas Steele

Wow! 2015 was an amazing year for me. I started my porn career in March, shooting a total of 18 scenes in nine months for various studios until eventually signing as a TitanMen Exclusive in November. Joining the Titan family was a pretty nice Christmas present.

This year has involved more travel than at any point in my lifetime- and I LOVE to travel. With that said, it’s nice being home the last two weeks of December. I live with my boyfriend DJ in a small, one bedroom apartment in the predominately gay Oaklawn neighborhood of Dallas. We don’t have much room for decorating, but we have put some lights and garland up on the patio. Our apartment faces an interior walkway where there is grass, so everyone brings their dogs out to potty there. Our apartment is also known for having a sling and fuck bench in the front room, so the Christmas decorations aren’t the only thing guys are trying to see as they “walk their dogs,” glancing into our windows!

IMG_2435We still don’t have a Christmas tree (as of 12/15), and probably won’t since it’s already so late. While I have my own “family” of friends here, my biological family is much fragmented. My Dad passed away two months ago, and my Mom/Step-father live in a remote section of Wyoming, so I won’t be seeing them this Christmas. Here in Dallas, I am not shooting any movies this month, but still have my personal training clients to take care of. And my boyfriend works in retail, so December is a very busy month for him.

I have lots of great gift ideas for my friends this Christmas. “Blue Collar Ballers” and “Break a Sweat” will be nicely wrapped for some of my very closest friends. Others may receive “Lap of Luxury,” the new coffee table photo book of nudes by Mark Henderson. I posed for him two years ago when I was smooth and before the beard. It’s a different look but I’m still very proud of the pictures.



As we look ahead to the new year, I can barely contain my excitement. In January, I’ll begin helping promote a movie TitanMen shot last year featuring porn newcomer Mathew Bosch. Not only did I get to do a scene with the sexy new guy, but it was also the chance to do some real acting. This is porn with a story – but not too much dialogue to get in the way of the hot sex- and there is plenty of hot sex. I got to top Matt in three positions. While I can’t give too much away yet, the movie is about politics and during this crazy election year, it’s fairly certain we’re all going to get fucked.

I love performing- whether it’s for a camera or for a live audience- with or without clothes on. I’m very excited about the possibility I may have that chance at Hustlaball Las Vegas, January 15-16. Not sure just yet what I might be doing, but I’m excited about getting to be part of this. I’m also excited about getting to learn more about the business side of the industry. That same weekend, I’ll be attending the GayVN/Internext show.

Dallas SteeleJanuary will also be exciting for me because DJ and me are also going on another Atlantis Cruise. This is his second and my sixth Atlantis vacation. The cruise leaves from Fort Lauderdale on January 23. We plan to be in town the night before for the exciting pre-cruise party in Wilton Manners. In my mind, there is no better vacation than an all-gay cruise. The parties, the music, the costumes, the ports, the ship and of course, the immense amount of hot men available- make it the BEST vacation you can take. Notice, I did not say “restful.”

DJ and me wish you and your family, how ever it may be defined, a happy holiday season and a fabulous new year!


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Dallas Steele To Appear Live This Saturday Night!


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Dallas Steele Live

This Thanksgiving more than the Turkey is getting stuffed! New Exclusive TitanMen Model Dallas Steele is headlining another Live Show this Saturday November 28th at 7pm, PST. The 2 hour live show will feature the muscular stud hanging out with fans, and showing off his big dick in a solo show. The show is free for all members of TitanMen.com.

Join TitanMen.com Today For Access To Dallas Steele’s Show


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Spend Saturday Night With New TitanMen Exclusive Dallas Steele! For Members Only.


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TitanMen Exclusive Model Dallas Steel To Appear LiveBrand spankin’ new TitanMen Exclusive Dallas Steele will headline the first ever TitanLive Featured show Saturday November 7th at 7pm, PST.  The 2 hour live show will feature Steele celebrating his birthday by interacting with fans, taking questions and culminating with a hot solo toy show.  The show is free for all members of TitanMen.com, and will be simulcast on TitanLive.com giving everyone a chance to spend the night with Dallas! If you haven’t signed up to TitanMen.com yet, now is the time to take advantage of twenty years worth of muscular and masculine men from your favorite iconic gay studio.



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