Name That Butt Crack


He’s hot, he’s blond, he’s got the cutest smile we’ve seen at Titanmen for a while.

See if you can guess who’s butt that is.

Answer after the jump…

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Gay Comic Geek reviews Worked Over.

We LOVE Gay Comic Geek here at Titanmen. His reviews are always funny, always fun, always hot and his commentary is alway spot-on. Plus he’s always got a bit of inside info to share.

Here’s his review of Worked Over.

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Because The Internet Isn’t The Internet Without Cat Pictures and Porn.


Fluffy was not impressed.

That’s Dirk Caber and Felix Barca in the background. Not like fluffy gives a rat’s ass.

Titanmen Daily Distractions…

A semi-regular, semi-cohereant list of the pictures, links, jokes and video clips circulating around the Titanmen Offices.

Vegan Body Builder Frank Medrano. WOW… thats’…. like…. wow….

Titanmen Production Diary

Titanmen Exclusive Jesse Jackman and his real-life boyfriend Dirk Caber performed not one but TWO scenes together over the last production run. Both scenes featured the two men in a gym/sports gear setup but as a fun spin, both Titanmen directors Paul Wilde and Jasun Mark put their own spins on the pairing.

Jasun’s scene was part of what he’s calling his “As-yet-unnamed Workout/Gym movie” and Paul’s was shot for Titan Rough and he says it’s a “Rugby Gear Fetish Movie with Piss Play.”

Word from the set is that while the scenes feature the same men together, they both have a very different vibe and fans are going to love them both.

If you want to see Jesse and Dirk together now… they’ve already performed two scenes together… one for Titan Rough and one in Extra Firm.

Today on set at Titanmen…

Titanmen Exclusive Jess Jackman and his real-life husband Dirk Caber performed their third scene together today, completing an as-yet-unnamed “Gym Movie” directed by Jasun Mark.
Yesterday old friend Mack Manus initiated newcomer Christopher Wells on his first ever porn scene in a Titan Rough fisting movie. THAT’s quite the trial by fist…

More updates as we get them…




Titanmen Office Daily Distractions.

An increasingly strange collection of email jokes, links and WTF video clips that get passed from inbox to inbox here at the Titanmen office.

This WTF clip was posted to the Mancast channel of our buddy Gay Comic Geek. His reviews of movies (including a lot of Titanmen and Joe Gage features) have become favorites in the office. His very fun, slightly whacky and adorable style make everything fun to watch. But this video doesn’t feature him at all.. it’s actually his own video Christmas Card sent to him by two straight friends. We assume the theme comes from GCG’s huge collection of superhero action figures. We hope to see more of the guy…


Titanmen Production Blog Day Three


Moving to a new location for day 3, the guys set up in a loft apartment in Potrero Hill, shooting a scene with Matt Stevens and new Titanmen recruit Tyler Edwards.

Watch for that scene at next year.

Clearly a great time was had by all, although word from the set is that “parking was a bitch.”  The joke from the production crew members I spoke to was ” if you have a job where you get to hang out with men that hot and shoot video of them fucking and the biggest problem you can think of is that it’s hard to find a place to park… you win.”


All The Pictures Too Hot for the Titanmen Facebook Page.


If you follow Titanmen on Facebook, you know that the guys have been posting a LOT of new pictures live from the set, giving updates on who and what and how and where…

Here’s some of the best pictures posted. PLUS all the ones that they couldn’t post.

Tour of the Titan Blogs

The Titanmen production team are currently down in Los Angeles shooting again at the massive Oxballs Factory. Nick Prescott described it like a kinky toy store and apparently walked out with a huge armload of gear to use with his… buddies.

The men have been busy all week. Check out this gallery of pictures from the Twitter accounts of Paul Steele, Ethan Ayers, Nick Prescott, Matt Stevens, Jasun Mark and production assistant DiscoPup.

The above clip was posted over at director Jasun Mark’s Mancast page, but you can see more on Nick’s Blog and Gay Daily Hot News.

Shower-Shot-3-300x206 Jesse Jackman writes about how he “keeps it clean.”

A topic that most porn stars won’t talk about or discuss at any length, Jesse writes a very funny, informative and – dare I say – entertaining blog post about how to clean your butt before bottoming.

Francois Sagat posted a teaser clip from a music video by European pop star Veronika.

Jessy Ares posted a video from a Spitfire Leather  shot he did.

George Ce writes about his experience shooting “POUNDED” with Trenton Ducati.


The Chocolate Asshole and more Titanmen Daily Distractions

The Titanmen office, as you can probably imagine, is filled with the kind of men who… well, like Titanmen movies. From the IT and Art Department, the editors and even the guys in shipping. So you can just imagine what a bunch of messed up group emails find their way through the interoffice system here. Including…

Anus •  The Chocolate Asshole. Yes, because nothing is more apetizing that chowing down on a milk chocolate confection, other than chowing down on someone’s butthole.

Combine those two pleasures together and you get the “Chocolate Anus.” Which, according to their website is the “Anus That Made Britain Great” since 2004.

Want something a bit more extravagant and lasting to send “that message” to that “special someone”  Well they also have a solid silver asshole you can give someone as… a present of some sort.

A Bacon Doormat. Just so the guy you met on Scruff understands what he’s signed up for.


• Man sues after his lube reportedly ruins his dick. I’m kinda torn on this one. One one hand… I’m a huge fan of the penis. I love mine and I like to share it with my buddies. I also love the dicks of other guys which means that I like to throw “swap meets” where we all get together and give each other our dicks.  We call them “orgies.”  The point is that while anything that would wreck a dick is not something I support, I also have to wonder what kind of idiot would buy a “lubricating and desensitizing gel.” I mean… “lubricating” I get. But “desensitizing?” Doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose?

• And to follow that up, how about one of my new favorite Tumblrs, Bearded Life?

• And now for a whole collection of “Dogs Who Just Cannot Handle It Right Now.”

• If You’ve Ever Wanted To Watch A Video of a Guy Getting His Balls Tattooed, Now’s Your Chance.

• Francois Sagat’s Tribal Rhythm, Baby.


Titanmen Daily Distractions – what’s been wasting our time at the Titanmen Studio this week…

void(0)Tumblr Blog of The Bearded Life.

Dogs who just can’t handle it right now.

A gallery of unfortunate ad placement.

Bacon-flavored condoms. Roll it on your… meat stick. Or… “Let’s Pork.”

Why you’re a “Faggot.” And other offensive words in picture form. (don’t worry, it’s work-safe and funny).