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Dalton Maldonado’s New… Cologne? Hey, why not?


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Remember a few weeks ago when the internet introduced us to the handsome 19 year-old  former high school basketball player who was  omitted from his high school year book’s team page (probably) because he had the balls to come out as gay in a very homophobic  part of the country?

Well not only has he wasted no time in becoming a role model, spokes jock, Instagram and Twitter star… he’s now also joined a select group of athletes and celebrities with their own fragrance. 

While some blogs have said it “smells like Teen Athlete,” (obviously a play on the Nirvana song), we here at Titan know that athletes tend to smell like ball sweat and musty locker rooms. Which.. you know… we all think that’s hot.

But Xyrena, the company marketing the new cologne, says it’s a “fresh athletic scent featuring top notes of grapefruit, star anise, and bergamot; middle notes of grass and ozone; and base notes of cotton flower and musk.”

Hey, whatever. 15% of gross sales of Formula 3 will be donated to the LGBT athletics organization You Can Play. So Win/Win all around.

We’d also like to point out that he’s got some pretty sweet hairy pits.

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Titanmen Labor Day Beach Party Playlist…


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Just one long weekend left and the summer is kinda over. Yeah, technically it goes to the end of September, but we all know that Labor Day signals the end of summer… we wanted to go out with a bit of a bang, so we asked the Titanmen to give us some suggestions for a good mix tape… Here’s what they suggested…

  1. Del & Xavier – Let Me Tickle Your Fancy (Suggested by Nick Prescott)
  2. Super Humanoids – Anxious In Venice (Suggested by Jasun Mark)
  3. Röyksopp – Ice Machine (Suggested by Jesse Jackman)
  4. Wynn Stewart – Another Day Another Dollar (Suggested by Dallas Steele)
  5. Sheryl Crow – Soak Up The Sun (Suggested by Tom Nero)
  6.  Kavinsky – Nightcall (Suggested by François Sagat)
  7. Scissor Sisters – Take Your Mama (Suggested by Eric Nero)
  8. Diablo BLVD – Beyond The Veil (Suggested by Jasun Mark)
  9. The Weeknd – The Hills (Suggested by Eric Nero)
  10. Ivy Levan – The Dame Says (Suggested by David Benjamin)
  11. Justice – Civilization (Suggested by Jesse Jackman)
  12. Madonna – Living For Love (Offer Nissim Remix) (Suggested by Jessy Ares)
  13. Nat King Cole – Lazy Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer (Suggested by Dario Beck)
  14. Joni Mitchell – Both Sides Now (2000 version) (Suggested by David Benjamin)
  15. Bustamante – Cobarde (Suggested by Dario Beck)
  16. Dirk Caber – Piano Miniature No. 7 “Fantastique” (Suggested by Jesse Jackman)
  17. Y.V.E. 48 – On The Road (Lekesch & Schekel Remix) (Suggested by Hunter Marx)
  18. Ellie Goulding – Burn (Tiesto Remix) (Suggested by Hunter Marx)

Here they all are in a convenient Youtube Playlist… this is what a summer beach party with the Titanmen would sound like… enjoy…

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Fosse Meets Folsom In This Awesome Video


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Bob Fosse meets Tom of Finland in this fetishy dancer number in celebration of the 2015 Folsom Street Fair.

Folsom Street Fair 2015 is Sunday, September 27, 11am – 6pm on Folsom Street between 8th and 13th streets in San Francisco, CA.

San Francisco has long pushed culture boundaries, radical self-expression and sexual freedom. Today awash in stories of the changing face of the city and its quickly eroding creative communities, “Folsom Street” joyously celebrates the rich history of diversity that pushes the limits of raw sexuality that make this city the exciting cultural haven that it has always been.

Directed by Aron Kantor and featuring Broadway performer Colin Cunliffe, notorious nightlife promoter Mario Diaz, gender-queer drag queen Grace Towers, and a variety of San Francisco dancers and performers, the film serves as both a metaphor for the Folsom Street Fair and an example of the possibilities of queer community effort and activism.

Directed and Produced by Aron Kantor dirtyglitter.com
Choreography by Danny Dolan
Original Music by Tim Kvasnovsky
Cinematography by Joe Picard

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Let this handsome Spanish man teach you how to put on a condom.


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In related news, this guy needs to call us here at Titanmen.

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Kevin wants you to see his Bacon.


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Kevin Bacon pleads Hollywood on our behalf to see more naked men in movies. He wants to see the dick. And don’t we all?

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The Sexiest Pictures From Up Your Alley 2015


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Last Sunday July the 26th 2015 San Francisco’s annual Up Your Alley Festival kicked off and it was a sight to be seen! Check out some of our favorite pictures from the afternoon below. The festival is produced by Folsom Street Events and states that “Up Your Alley® is only for real players – and not for the faint of heart – where leather daddies rule the streets of San Francisco’s South of Market district. Of course, if rubber, sportswear, biker gear, skinheads, punks, or any variety of built, hairy men turns you on, then we’ve got it. You won’t find a filthier event in the States. If you’re into it, there’s a scene for you. So, don’t get left out.” All these photos below are accredited to their owners, to see more click them and check out their Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Up Your Alley 2015 tumblr_ns3ldw0bOt1rovl4ao1_500 piggy irishboyinleather Up Your Alley 2015 neon vaqueros bondage

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Sexy Asian Guys Bring In Crowds At Food Vendors In Taiwan


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Hot Asian Fruit Vendor

One of the first examples of the recent trend was 26-year-old Yi Tin Chen, dubbed “Tawian’s hottest bean curd seller.”

Long lines of women wanting to sneak a peek at Chen, who also works as a promotional model, formed at the Taipei-based tofu shop Chuan Tong Zhi Zui Dou Hua Tang.

Although many accused the shirtless worker of being placed at the store as a publicity stunt, his modeling agency denied it.

sexy asian fruit vendors

Another example of the trend is Wang Xianghong, whose toned and chiseled body was recently photographed at a fruit and vegetable store on Qiangjiang Road in Taipei’s Beitou district. His undeniably ripped six-pack has customers (mainly female) drooling as they shop for fresh produce.

Wang, who is 20 years old and 6 feet tall, says he often works shirtless for his own convenience.

sexy asian fruit vendors

Wang works at the market four days out of the week and admits that some of the older women, or “aunties,” make comments on his body and purposely move closer to him while selecting their vegetables.

sexy asian fruit vendors

Read More At NextShark.com

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Shirtless Military Men Walk To Raise Awareness For PTSD


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Last Weekend over fifty buff and gorgeous marines in San Diego walked down Pacific Beach wearing only their silkies (which double as running shorts and underwear), 22 kg packs, and their smiles. The marines walked to raise awareness of ptsd, which drives 22 vets a day to kill themselves. We honor their cause and thank them for their service (and these hot pictures). In their own words “We want all civilians to know that the best way to support your loved ones who are dealing with demons from combat, is to facilitate communication between your loved one and the men he served with in combat. If you can do that, you could save their life.”

Follow their organization efforts on their website Here.

Shirtless Marines Walk To Raise Awareness for PTSD Screen-Shot-2015-07-27-at-8.30.44-AM-499x670 Screen-Shot-2015-07-27-at-8.31.40-AM-543x670 Screen-Shot-2015-07-27-at-8.31.56-AM-670x603 Screen-Shot-2015-07-27-at-8.36.00-AM-670x499 Screen-Shot-2015-07-27-at-8.37.01-AM-661x670 Screen-Shot-2015-07-27-at-8.37.35-AM-670x480

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100 Years of Men’s Fashion in 3 Minutes


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I’ll save my pithy comment about how fashion really hasn’t changed much since the 90s.

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The Colt’s Offensive Line. I Find Nothing About This Offensive At All.


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From the ESPN Magazine 2015 “Body Issue.” No longer even trying to pretend this isn’t just a fun Beefcake answer to the Sports Illustrated “Swimsuit Issue.”

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Male Strippers Critique Magic Mike XXL


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To the untrained eye, Channing Tatum is a fantastic stripper in Magic Mike. That’s why we got a more…discerning eye to judge Tatum’s stripper moves.

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Daily Distractions: Fear The Beard


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We’ve spent most of yesterday watching this one on continuous loop… It’s for DollarBeardClub and while it does maybe forget that us gay guys like half-naked men and beards, too… we’re very glad that the beard trend isn’t going away.

Real Man have hair.

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Titanmen Daily Distractions: A rundown of the viral videos, chain emails and random things clogging the emails of the Titan office.


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Oscar Winner and icon Jennifer Hudson has just released this rather anthemic song with a very classic disco vibe to promote LOGO’s “ALL50” campaign for marriage equality. Aside from the pretty catchy song, the video is rather sweet (even if it does veer a bit too close to becoming a commercial for the W Hotel).

world_penis_map• Spotify just discovered that the most popular style of music is Metal. Look for labels that are nursing wounds after sales disappointments by Britney Spears, Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Rihanna and Mariah Carey to start pumping money into finding the next Nirvana. This is what happened back in 1991 when pop music had finally reached it’s most irritating and predictable, giving way to the Grunge revolution when bands that were a meld of metal and punk took a pickaxe to the Billboard charts. After hearing that god awful new single by Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea, I think it’s time for a revolution.

Which Country Has the Biggest Dicks? In related news, flights to Brazil are all booked up….

Do You Or Do You Not Want To Work At This Gloryhole, Ethan?


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Titanmen Daily Distractions….the funny emails, viral videos, WTF pics and other random posts flooding the Titanmen email boxes this week


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Screenshot 2015-05-27 10.55.32• Straight Baseball Player Hates Having A Bubble Butt. While his ass IS particularly fine… he says at one point that “I want my co-workers to take me seriously.” Which is why he… went on national television to complain about it.

• Read this GREAT interview with Eddy Ceetee in Manhattan Digest.

Harry Potter star Matthew Lewis shows off his meat. Oh… we’d ALL love to see Neville bottom long, too…

• New International Mr. Leather 2015 Patrick Smith is a hottie.

• On The Implausibility Of the Death Star’s Trash Compator.

• Formerly “straight” contestants on The Bachelor fall in love – with each other – and get close “in the shower.” THIS is why a “gay version” of The Bachelor would never work. Because the contestants would all end up hooking up with each other and not care about the “prize” bachelor.

A rather stunning A Capella cover of Sia’s Chandelier.

Meet “Patrick,” the robotic butt you can learn to… well, a lot of things, but officially, to be a proctologist.

Straight people take the fun out of EVERYTHING.




And finally…. No. Not really.


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Titanmen Daily Distractions…


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A less-than-regular list of the viral videos, jokes, funny asides and time-wasting links that are making their way around the Titanmen Office…


  1. Michael Sam finally gets to play. While American teams spent a bit too much time hand-wringing about having a gay man see their dicks in the shower, Canadians have been saying “Send him up here, we just want good players.” Michael Sam signed a two-year contract to the Montreal Alouettes and will start playing this summer. You can buy his Jersey here.
  2. Detroit Tigers release a “Gay Pride” baseball shirt. So you now have two different options when buying your Pride Day shirt if you want to advertise your love of sports.
  3. McSweeny’s does a hilarious “Update on How To Solve A Problem Like Maria.” “On the other hand, I must admit Maria makes me uncomfortable. Once, she mentioned that brown-paper packages tied up with string were among her favorite things. That doesn’t seem normal, does it? Plus, her five-octave range is positively unnerving.”
  4. Gay Comic Geek’s “Best Superhero Show Of The Season.” We still want to see him without his pants and getting some action with Jesse Jackman.
  5. Accio Neville’s Pants. MatthewYes, that Matthew Lewis. We watched him grow up from the chubby, buck-toothed, awkward but loyal friend to the hunky, brave, only-one-willing-to-talk-back-to-Voldermort hero Neville Longbottom of the Harry Potter series. While the books kept it a secret that Neville was the real hero of the series until the final moments of the book, Matthew had trouble keeping his budding handsomeness and once the series ended, he didn’t even try. Now appearing on the cover of the gay British magazine Attitude in his underwear, Matthew even had a funny twitter interaction with Potter author JK Rowling which kinda has to be seen…
    Screenshot 2015-05-22 13.40.31
  6. Dirk Caber’s GoFundMe campaign to buy a piano has topped $10,000

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