Titanmen Daily Distractions…

A less-than-regular list of the viral videos, jokes, funny asides and time-wasting links that are making their way around the Titanmen Office…


  1. Michael Sam finally gets to play. While American teams spent a bit too much time hand-wringing about having a gay man see their dicks in the shower, Canadians have been saying “Send him up here, we just want good players.” Michael Sam signed a two-year contract to the Montreal Alouettes and will start playing this summer. You can buy his Jersey here.
  2. Detroit Tigers release a “Gay Pride” baseball shirt. So you now have two different options when buying your Pride Day shirt if you want to advertise your love of sports.
  3. McSweeny’s does a hilarious “Update on How To Solve A Problem Like Maria.” “On the other hand, I must admit Maria makes me uncomfortable. Once, she mentioned that brown-paper packages tied up with string were among her favorite things. That doesn’t seem normal, does it? Plus, her five-octave range is positively unnerving.”
  4. Gay Comic Geek’s “Best Superhero Show Of The Season.” We still want to see him without his pants and getting some action with Jesse Jackman.
  5. Accio Neville’s Pants. MatthewYes, that Matthew Lewis. We watched him grow up from the chubby, buck-toothed, awkward but loyal friend to the hunky, brave, only-one-willing-to-talk-back-to-Voldermort hero Neville Longbottom of the Harry Potter series. While the books kept it a secret that Neville was the real hero of the series until the final moments of the book, Matthew had trouble keeping his budding handsomeness and once the series ended, he didn’t even try. Now appearing on the cover of the gay British magazine Attitude in his underwear, Matthew even had a funny twitter interaction with Potter author JK Rowling which kinda has to be seen…
    Screenshot 2015-05-22 13.40.31
  6. Dirk Caber’s GoFundMe campaign to buy a piano has topped $10,000

Gay Comic Geek reviews Day Into Night

Gay Comic Geek has always been fun to watch and his enjoyment of comics, movies, porn and fan conventions make us want to put on a spandex superhero suit and join him.

Check out his blog here.

Check out Day Into Night here…

Screenshot 2015-03-05 18.13.15

Gay Comic Geek reviews In The Shadows.

Always fun to watch the GCG videos. You can check out his Mancast channel here.

And read his blog here.

Click Here to see In The Shadows at Titanmen.com

Gay Comic Geek reviews Titanmen’s House Rules

We love when Gay Comic Geek reviews our movies. On top of his funny, entertaining videos, he’s so hot we wish he was a Titan man himself (and believe us… we’ve asked).

You can see the whole movie House Rules Here.

How to NOT Pose Like A Porn Star

This week, Titanmen director Jasun Mark took two Titanmen exclusives (Jesse Jackman and Eddy CeeTee) along with newcomer Hugh Hunter to the hot desert sun-soaked Palm Springs retreat and shot three new scenes for upcoming Titanmen movies.

While they were there, the guys also shot a few pictures for Titanmen alumnus François Sagat’s new clothing line Kick Sagat.

Here’s a pretty fun clip of Jasun teaching Eddy the proper way to stand and pose for his still portraits. Even a naturally handsome man with a seriously hot body like Eddy needs to know how to properly show it off.

Watch for Eddy’s first movie Grease Monkey at Titanmen in January.

Screenshot 2014-10-30 09.38.39

WOW… check out this hot “Amateur” scene that Nick Prescott and Adam Herst shot of themselves….

After finishing shooting a scene for the up-coming Titanmen feature ‘Bad Cop,’ director Jasun Mark gave Titanmen Exclusive Nick Prescott and Adam Herst his GoPro and told them to have some fun in the pool while the crew and I broke down all of the cameras and lighting gear.

He figured they’d post some video of themselves swimming or horsing around in the water. But no… instead they shot a whole blowjob scene together just for fun. This isn’t staged or planned, this is just two hot men doing what comes naturally under the hot California sun.

These men are a perfect match, so we’re glad we got a bit of a bonus of them just interacting together without anyone directing the action.

Bad Cop will be out early December at Titanmen.com

Screenshot 2014-10-29 14.01.05

Jasun Mark does the “Upward Bear”

It’s a new Yoga move. Or that’s what they’re saying, we think.

While shooting a scene for an up-coming Titanmen movie with Adam Herst and Eric Nero, director Jasun Mark was trying to explain to the cast and crew what would be coming next so lights and gear could be moved and the cast knew what to expect.

The Crew were paying attention but the cast were… otherwise occupied. So production assistant Todd Stevens just kinda vamped on it.

At least we got a new yoga exercise out of it.

Gay Comic Geek reviews Morning Wood

Another one of Gay Comic Geeks funny, entertaining and hot reviews, this time of Jasun Mark’s new movie for Titanmen, Morning Wood.


80-Foot Titanmen Ass Master Butt Plug Graces Place Vendôme


OK so… it isn’t REALLY an 80-foot replica of the very popular Titanmen “Ass Master Butt Plug” toy currently available at the Titanmen store but it’s… well it may as well be.

What it REALLY is supposed to be is a “Christmas Tree” as part of the International Contemporary Art Fair in Paris. Apparently Paul McCarthy, NOT the “cutest Beatle,” was the guy who commissioned this… interesting piece of “art.”

OH… AND GET THIS… it’s part of Paul McCarthy’s show “Chocolate Factory.”

So let’s face it, we all know that’s a 24-meter ass toy.

But you can buy the Ass Master here at Titanmen.


Titanmen Daily Distractions. Celebrity Dildo Edition.



German Industrial/Metal band Rammstein plan a Christmas release of a new box set of dildos based on the dicks of the band members. This is the “Deluxe Edition” of their new album Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da that you can buy here. Planned release date is in December.

I wanna know which one is second from the right. grid-cell-31021-1403812273-11

  1. Hot men with grey hair. Buzzfeed can get a bit annoyingly click bait but at least they got this one right.
  2. The HOTTEST World Cup Soccer/Football Players.
  3. Greg Fox, artist behind Kyle’s Bed and Breakfast talks about his semi-closeted gay baseball player character.
  4. “Real Men” recreate underwear ads.
  5. Edible Anatomically Accurate Chocolate Human Skulls

Guy with a 10-inch dick gets a “penoplasty enlargement” because he “wanted a Monster.”  Someone needs to explain to this guy that it’s not the size of the gun as much as the skill of the marksman.


Titanmen Daily Distractions

Happy Pride Week, everyone. Depending on what city you live in, Pride Day either just passed or is coming up this weekend (or if you live in one of those desert cities that has Pride in October, happy Inside-Airconditioner-Season). If you’re looking for some music to get the party going, DiscoPup, friend and occasional composer for Titanmen (he did the continuous mix for the Dance Party Titanmen movie STROBE) has this fantastic podcast where he uploads a new 2-hour mix every month. There’s already a full 20 hours of music to get you started.

His website Welcome2Discopolis has more exclusive mixes (I highly recommend the Donna Summer one).



Yes, gentlemen… you can now FUCK your iPad. Our friends over at Fleshjack have… developed this new add-on hardware that puts your two favorite toys together in one. There doesn’t seem to be any actual way to buy it so this MIGHT be a joke although it’s way past April 1st. The preview video only features a straight couple, so it’s currently just the straight-branded “Fleshlight” that’s included so far. But considering how us gay guys have pioneered hooking up over the internet, if this is a real product we’re pretty sure that’s on the way.

And it doesn’t seem much different from the Japanese “Automatic Sperm Extractor

Enjoy this random, otherwise meaningless video of a bearded daddy getting naked in a pool.

Enjoy this video of Francois Sagat jerking off and pissing on himself on a rooftop in San Francisco.

Screenshot 2014-06-24 09.11.28

Titanmen Daily Distractions.

  • Screenshot 2014-06-24 09.11.28

Thanks For Nothin, Tinder. Our new favorite Instagram. While gay hookup apps can be a bit funny to scroll through on occasion, straight people have taken the art of Digital Hookup Fail to a totally new level. While gay guys can certainly manage to fuck shit up (lest we forget Douchebags Of Gridr), take heart knowing that we’re never like this…

Happy Pride Week, everyone. This playlist should get you in the right frame of mind.

And in today’s collection of disturbing pictures…

Titanmen Daily Distractions

Totally not Titan related but this random vacation video from Key West comes from Island House, the same place where you can meet Titanmen Exclusive Jesse Jackman and his real-life husband and Titanmen regular Dirk Caber for TROPICAL HEAT.

Here’s the new Holly Johnson single. You might remember him as the lead singer of Frankie Goes To Hollywood, the gay-ish band from the mid 80s that arrived like a nuclear bomb on the music scene with their electro-rock-glamtastic album Welcome To The Pleasure Dome that managed to be about Sex, Drugs, Politics, Love, Religion and still fit in a cover of ‘Do You Know The Way to San Jose.”

  1. An Eastern Transplant makes (some) sense of San Francisco weather.
  2. Animals dancing to Push It.
  3. Nick Prescott and Matt Stevens doing a very NSFW Photoshoot at Oxballs.
  4. quite possibly the most disturbing video any of us have ever see
  5. juneBeau-Ryan4-670x403Australian Rugby star goes naked to host a TV show.

This is one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen.

If any of you are old enough to remember the 80s, you remember this – quite possibly the lowest moment in Rock and Roll History – when Mick Jagger and David Bowie teamed up to record their abysmally wretched cover of “Dancing In The Streets.” While the two are arguably two of the best and most fascinating singers in Rock history, their cover was so embarrassing to watch that it became like a rock music Two Girls One Cup. Somehow this was also a huge hit.

While I’d love to say that this was an isolated incident in two otherwise stellar careers, soon after Mick would record “State Of Shock” with Michael Jackson, arguably the worst pop song in history and David Bowie would go on to record “Never Let Me Down,” an album so cheesy-commercial and bafflingly bland that he still jokingly apologizes for it still.

Don’t worry, by the time the 80s were over, Mick and the stones were releasing Steel Wheels, their return to form album and David was releasing “Outside,” one of the most fascinating records of his career. Proving that there is no depth from which a truly talented person can recover.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Tony

Teenage Mutant Ninja Tony

Well at least we know how Dorothy got to Oz...

Well at least we know how Dorothy got to Oz…

That's what HE said...

That’s what HE said…

Titanmen Daily Distractions

A semi-regular collection of the group emails and water cooler chat from the Titanmen office…

Antonio Da Silva’s newest art/erotic video Dancers features 35 Portugese men dancing naked. Beautiful.

Regular Titanmen performer Adam Herst just got cast in the up-coming July production run. When he asked who his scene partners would be, director Jasun Mark sent him a picture of the new mystery Titan man and Adam was so turned on just by the cell phone selfies he saw that he replied with this sign of what’s to come when the guys finally get together.

Check out all of Adam’s Titanmen scenes here.


Insurance company All State released this rather touching promotional video for their GLBT outreach program. There was a time when companies would run far and wide to escape looking supportive of our community, and now they openly invite us in.

The even-more beautiful song is by gay pop singer Eli Leib. You can download the single for free at Allstate’s Page.

Here’s a few of the most recent TwitPics from Titanmen…