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I’m having trouble coming up with a clever golf-related sexual innuedno.


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I mean… saying something like “THAT’s a hole in one” is about as good as I can come up with. Other contenders were “How long was the putter” and “David gives Leo a Birdy.”

See? There’s just not much to start this with other than “Titan shoots a lot of their movies in the perpetually beautiful and sunny Palm Springs, I wonder why it took so long to make a golf-themed porn movie.” David Anthony brings his movie-star idol good looks to Brian Mills’ “Blind Spot” where he sinks the putt (ok, that one wasn’t so bad) deep into Leo Forte’s… um… green sand trap butt. Fuck it, I tried.

I figure even without clever golf/fucking puns, a dick as big as David’s sliding into home base (note to Brian Mills… baseball scene next?) is all I really needed to give me a nice pick-me-up for the weekend. Check out the full action still gallery after the jump…

Click Here to watch Blind Spot and over 400 other Titanmen movies.

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Jessie Colter and Brad Kalvo


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You’ll have to wait until early next year to see these two go at it in the Titan Rough scene they shot today. Rumors from the set are that

  • Brad Kalvo is an extremely talented flogger who had Jessie screaming in ecstasy with a dick hard as a rock
  • Jessie let out such a huge gushing fountain of piss right into Brads face that director Paul Wilde nicknamed him “The Belagio.”

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And today on Wild Kingdom…


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I’m still relatively new to the whole Porn Industry, but people always ask me what it’s like on set at a porn shoot when they’re not shooting. I tell them that it’s actually a very professional environment, the guys read books, play the odd video game, maybe work out together. Nothing too crazy going on.

Clearly, I’m totally full of shit.

This, gentlemen (and ladies who like gay porn and yes, we know you’re out there), is what I like to call “down time” on a porn set. Shay Michaels and Spencer Reed had just finished shooting their scene for the up-coming movie “François Sagat’s Incubus” when Jimmy Durano and Trenton Ducati arrived to shoot their scene together.

Jimmy and Spencer decided to get… reacquainted with each other, the way that guys do in any industry, I’m sure (although I’ve never worked at a bank). Shay decided that there was only one way to welcome a new co-worker and that’s having him suck your dick. Such a friendly guy.

You know, I’m sure it’s no different at your place of work. Although my opinion on that might be the reason I got fired from my last job at the florist.

You can see all these guys in action at Titanmen. (although you’ll have to wait for about a month to see Trenton’s debut in “Incubus.” But as you can see… it’ll be worth the wait…

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Adam Herst


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Today between shots while making another Titan Rough scene, Adam Herst put his stretched-out piss slit on display for us, showing why when he takes a piss it doesn’t just go out in a stream but in a BIG HUGE WET SHOWER that goes everywhere. He’s a very proud and open piss pig and when you see this scene, you’re going to LOVE it. He bottomed for Deven James in a scene that will be out early next year.

And since we couldn’t send him home empty-handed, we gave him one of the life-like and life-size replicas of François Sagat’s dick. He was literally like a kid in a candy store.


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No need to wait, here’s all the full moons you could want.


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I know I posted the “Name That Butt” video a couple weeks ago. But Bruce Cam also happened to be there with his camera snapping pictures of the guys at the Folsom Street Fair booth. And any time you’re standing with your back to Bruce when he’s holding a camera, you’re going to see your butt on-line somewhere.

Check out the whole gallery after the jump.

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Be careful what you put in your mouth.


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Not like this should come as any surprise, but make sure you know the quality of the fruits and meat you put in your mouth.

Fertility doctors from America’s Harvard University and the University of Murcia, Spain, analysed sperm from hundreds of men aged between 18 and 22. They found the guys who ate the junk food didn’t have little swimmers that could make it all the way to port.

Now for most of you reading this, that’s not THAT big an issue. As long as it can shoot out the end of old faithful and land on your buddy’s chest, all’s usually good.

But just in case you happen to have a lesbian friend who you still owe a favor to after she fixed your porch and rehung all your doors, better make sure that your scoop reaches all the way to the bottom of your own personal gene pool.

And can someone PLEASE tell me where I can get a part time job analyzing the sperm of a few hundred men between the ages of 18 and 22?

Read the whole story here.

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Spencer, Francois and Shay still shoot


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Another Behind-The-Scenes clip from the set of Francois Sagat’s Incubus which is coming out on Titanmen in early December. This is from a three-way scene between Francois, Shay Michaels and Spencer Reed shot in a semi constructed house in the Cochella Valley near Palm Springs. The costumes look wild and were apparently designed by François and created with Slick It Up, a company that François has worked with many times.

You can see a new clip like this every day over on Francois’s blog  at

Can’t wait to see the final movie, here at the Titan office, the buzz has been unstoppable. People are really excited by what they’re doing.. saying that it’s going to be a fantastic movie, not only extremely hot with amazing sex scenes but also something that’s going to be visually stunning too. From the few peeks I’ve had, I have to say I agree..

You can see all three of these men in action at Titanmen right now. What I love about our site is not only how top-notch the catalogue is but how well it works on computers, tablets, iPhones, Androids, iPads and LapTops. And when you get the best movies directed by the best directors like Joe Gage, Bruce Cam, Brian Mills, Paul Wilde and even movies from the industry’s biggest stars like ChiChi La Rue, Michael Lucas and Dirk Yates, you’ve got the best deal possible for any gay porn site.


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And if they get chucked out of the military, I’ll give them a job application myself.


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The Tumblr blog that has exploded into the public consciousness of any and all lovers of naked men (and tech-minded porn fans, of course) is called “Military Hunks” and it’s written by someone calling himself “Iraq Bobby.”

The blog claims to be of “Pics from Iraq, Private Collections of My own and Friends, My time in the Navy and as a Civilian Contractor for the DoD.”

He then adds “Thank God for Gay & Gay Friendly Soldiers, Marines, and Sailors! We Rock!”

This feels like a very good time to point out that if you happen to be a Super-Hot Stud with a hot body, big cock and a handsome face, you can always work some of that magic over in this direction and apply to be a Titanmen Model.


And after seeing that, I can only add “I ROCK HARD!” Although a few claimed the site mixed “real” military pictures with pictures of naked Good Ol’ Boys with tattoos, When seeing some of the guys clearly interacting with each other… they seem real enough to me.  Particularly of note are the descriptions of guys like “6’3” Tall, Deep Voice, HUGE dick, VERY Masculine, Great in Bed!!!” and “Every Inch a Soldier.”

You don’t hear me complaining.

Yes, officer… I surrender but I won’t cum quietly.




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Hunter Marx reveals that he’s a Mud Man


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Yesterday I posted a video clip with Paul Wilde talking about the mud wrestling scene we were about to shoot featuring the two muscular studs Hunter Marx and Shay Michaels.  Shay seemed a bit nervous and was giggling a bit about what he was about to do but Hunter not only stripped down to his jock strap and jumped into the ring we’d constructed, he started to give directions on the best way to mix mud and the best ways to play in it.

He told us that when he was in college, he used to have his buddies over for mud wrestling parties in his own makeshift mud wrestling pit that he installed in his back yard. Unbeknownst to Paul Wilde who cast him in the scene, Hunter Marx just happens to be a guy who loves to play and roll around with other guys in the mud. Which meant that while he was helping us mix the mud and get ready, his cock was rock hard and he was ready for action almost right away.

Shay got into it once we got going. Look for their scene to come out early next year on Titanmen’s site as part of the Titanmen Rough series. But if you want to see Hunter and Shay in action together now, their best scene together is the hardcore 3-way with Dirk Caber in Sting. And if you join Titanmen, you get the piss scene they did only for the Titanmen Web Release version.

Check out all the pics after the jump…

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Paul Wilde shows us how to get dirty


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Paul Wilde has been the driving force behind Titanmen’s Rough line, directing the most extreme fetish and BDSM porn titles. Most recent scene is from the video “Punched and Pounded” with Spencer Reed and Jessie Coulter.

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Meet Jessy Ares and Jay Roberts


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Athens’ top fetish club “Club Fcuk” will present Titanmen Jesse Ares and Jay Roberts on November 26th. If you’re not familiar with Club Fcuk, they describe themselves as “The most subversive business for gay men in Athens. The only one original dark room in town with gay hardcode movies projection, private cabins with mirrors & monitors, glory holes, sling, darkrooms, pissing room and smoking area. Special live shows with guests famous pornactors and theme nights such as underwear and fist.”

Sounds like fun to me.

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Someone stuck a fist up Race Cooper’s ass, and all he got was this T-shirt.


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And it wasn’t just “someone,” it was Leo Forte. The two hunks were at the Titanmen Studio today for a Rough shoot with Leo stretching Race WAY out. He loved every second of it. But before they left, director Paul Wilde* gave the two men T-shirts from Oxballs as well as a few cock and ball toys. We don’t have a home version of our game but if you’re into the Rough movies, I have a feeling you already know how to play.

(*who has more than earned his nickname “killer teddy bear here at the office)

Look for that scene to come out sometime early next year. But you can watch the newest Rough videos today at Titanmen.

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Things that make you go “oink.”


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Jesse Jackman sent me over these very fun pictures from his Hallowe’en Party which, while I’m sure all the men there were hot, was attended by two other Titanmen hunks Dirk Caber and Hunter Marx.

Oh, to be a bowl of punch.

Be sure to check out Jesse’s Facebook page and his Twitter.

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GayCities Top 6


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Titanmen made GayCities’ list of the 6 studios that made San Francisco the Capital of Gay Porn. That half of our movies are shot in the glorious Palm Springs, I guess, didn’t really factor into their equation. We’re proud, either way, to have been named on the list.

Read the whole thing at GayCities.

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Game ON!


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Jimmy Durano, Marc Dylan and Harley Everett score the Three Way finale to “Game On” that starts with a game of “Strip Darts” (I really need to play more games that have “Strip” in the name) and the stunning Tattooed British hunk Harley Everett takes his prize as he pounds the other guys into submission.

Watch the full movie at Titanmen.

Check out the gallery after the jump…

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