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Daily Distractions


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A semi-regular rundown of the mass internal emails sent from the Titanmen staff to the Titanmen staff.

Today in “Toys that made us gay.” Shirtless, leather and denim-wearing, cowboy hat-sportin’ masturbating trucker “action figures.”

The President of the United States, Barack Obama sings “Born This Way.”  ALL kinds of awesome.

The absolutely amazing opening of “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” and how they made it.

Speaking of tattoos, while they turn many of us on, getting one on his dick gave this guy a permanent boner.

Do not upset a Dr. Who fan. He’ll hit you with his Tardis Purse.

A new… carnivorous plant? See, even the PLANTS aren’t vegan.

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Wilfried Knight “helping out” Marco Wilson on the set of “Command Performance.”


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Behind the scenes of the amazing four-way orgy scene with Marco Wilson, Jesse Ares, Junior Stellano and Wilfried Knight from the soon-to-be-released Command Performance on Titanmen.

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Surveillance Scene Three


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Here’s more from the newest Titanmen movie Surveillance which has started 2012 with a BANG. Scene One introduced us to the Mega-Muscle of Jesse Jackman, Scene Two features the equally hulking masses of Harley Everett and Nate Pierce.

Now we get to see the four-way of Dario Beck. Trenton Ducati, Christopher Daniels and Spencer Reed

You can watch the whole scene (and all of the Titanmen Catalogue) in HD at Titanmen’s newly-designed site.

More stills after the jump…

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Titanmen Daily Distractions


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A semi-regular list of those annoying group emails that circulate around office. Just ours are a bit heavier on hot men and dick jokes than we’d guess the ones circulating around the office at Hallmark.

Luke Lucky Huff. The hot, gay, sadly partnered up but still hot professional motorcycle racer. In gear.

Hollywood Hates Gay Sex. Which we find ironic considering how much time we’ve spent sucking dick there.

His Airman, My Marine. Such a cute couple but we but that with those uniforms, those two boys get into some action that would put Paul Wilde’s Rough series to shame. (bonus points for the “why did I get married?” DVD left seemingly intentionally in view)

What we can learn from Ostrich Penises. I mean, really, is there NOTHING they can’t do?

He came out in one of the most touching, tear-jerking “son comes out to dad” videos ever. Now, he’s working out shirtless for us. And taking us grocery shopping. He says he eats “two or three bananas a day.” Win.

The Secrets That We Don’t Want Straight People To Know. to be fair, I didn’t know some of them. I’ve never heard of Robyn but when I told Jesse Jackman that, he back-handed me.

“Top Chef” Contestant Ty-Lör Boring is the Real Naked Chef

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Introducing Jesse Jackman


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OK, first of all, yes it’s a bit odd to introduce someone that I’ve been blogging about regularly since Folsom Weekend when the crowd fell in love at first site with Jesse. He’s tall and big and muscular and handsome with a huge dick and bulging EVERYTHING but he also has a smile and demeanor that makes you think you almost would rather cuddle with him.


He’s sexually versatile, he’s got a massive dick and has one of the sexiest voices ever.

But this is the first time we really get to see Jesse in full-on action. His scene with Hunter Marx opens up the new Brian Mills movie “Surveillance” and the two of them steam up the screen. He’s such a great bottom and Hunter clearly loves to get to the top of Mount Jesse.

You can catch a video clip from the scene here at the newly redesigned and reloaded Titanmen website.

That’s a story in itself. I’ve said it before but it bares repeating. The new website is amazing. The complete Titan Catalogue streaming beautifully in speeds up to HD, unlimited access allows you to watch all the Titan movies as much as you want… where ever you are… the mobile version of the site is a dream, complete with a simple interface designed to work with the touch screens on devices like iPads. (and with an Apple TV, you can choose your movie on your iPad and then stream it wirelessly in stunning HD right to your big screen TV. It’s like having the entire Titanmen catalog remastered onto DVD.)

With movies from the top directors in gay porn like Bruce Cam, Joe Gage, Brian Mills, Dirk Yates, Michael Lucas, Chichi LaRue and Paul Wilde. And with the recent release of Incubus, you can add Francois Sagat to that list.

The new website also allows members to download complete photo sets with one click.

They didn’t spare anything with this site. The perfect site to match the quality of Titanmen’s movies.

(by the way… this isn’t exactly the first time we’ve seen Jesse in action, this is just the first time we knew who we were watching. Jesse revealed on his blog just recently that in the soon-to-be legendary “Francois wrestling with himself underwater” scene in Incubus, the stand in was none other than Jesse Jackman.)

Click here to see Jesse and Hunter in action at Titanmen.

A huge gallery of pictures after the jump…

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Tour of the Titan blogs…


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In case you’ve missed what the guys have been up to…

Jesse Jackman posted a fun clip of himself in the shower with Hunter Marx after the finished shooting Jesse’s first Titanmen scene in the movie Surveillance due out any day now…

Dario Beck had himself a viral hit with his adorable music video for “Blame It On The Bossa Nova.”

Francois Sagat posted a bunch of clips from the making of his movie Incubus and plans to have many more on the way…

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Some more fun from the Incubus Party scene…


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Some more from the Incubus shoot. Lots of work but the guys look like they had a blast doing it…

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Your Titanmen need You


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French gay website Tetu is having a vote on the “Porn Star of the Year” and two of our Titanmen are in the running. Both Aymeric Deville and Marco Wilson are up for the vote and they’d both love your support.

Check out their pics above and if you want to see them in action, you can check out Marco here in Blind Spot and Aymeric in the new feature Incubus.

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Trenton Ducati – Naught Santa


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Trenton just sent me these pictures of the fun he had at The Baltic Room in Seattle for a weekly gay night called Elektropop. He can cum down my chimney any time he wants…

You can follow Trenton on Twitter and you can see him in action in Francois Sagat’s Incubus.

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Inmates… the OTHER best movie of the year…


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It was an incredible December for Titanmen.

We ended with the release of the most highly-anticipated gay porn movie in years, Incubus with the return of Francois Sagat. We also released the first-ever scene with new Titanmen discovery Trenton Ducati, released a completely revamped and redesigned website worthy of a legendary studio like Titan.

But let’s not forget that we started the month by releasing Joe Gage’s Prison movie Inmates, bringing everyone’s favorite porn daddy Allen Silver.

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Introducing Trenton Ducati…. Titanmen Exclusive


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I’ve posted pictures and video of him already, especially the now-famous clip of him being welcomed into the Titanmen family by Shay Michaels with a nice dick sucking under the hot California sun…

But now Trenton’s first scene is finally released and you can see Jimmy Durano proudly topping him in his first scene ever. Trenton is a rough-looking Rockabilly stud with a bashful “aw shucks” charm that makes everyone melt in his presence.

And that look on his face when he’s getting his hole plowed defies description.

You can now see him in Francois Sagat’s Incubus only at Titanmen and if you join NOW… you can get the incredible deal of 80% off a year’s membership. That’s $99 for a full year of unlimited access to the entire Titanmen catalogue with full movies from legendary directors like Bruce Cam, Brian Mills, Joe Gage, Dirk Yates, Paul Wilde, ChiChi Larue, Michael Lucas and now Francois Sagat.

Plus with porn legends like Dean Flynn, David Anthony, Francois Sagat, Dred Scott, Ray Dragon, John Galt, Tony Buff, Dirk Jager, Ted Colunga and Damien Crosse… and now Trenton Ducati.. that’s about as good as deals get.

Click Here to get the join deal on Titanmen…

Check out a huge gallery of images of Trenton alone and in action after the jump…

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More from the making of the Party scene from Incubus.


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Here is more from the shooting of the party scene at the start of Incubus. We took our time shooting this part which is the start of the madness that follows. But what was so fun about this was that we were actually having a party with refreshments and drinks so the crowd could have a good time while we made the movie around them.

The final bit of this video really says it all. Francois was so excited to see the image of my evil clone approaching the camera and saying “drink” that he was a bit giddy.

Which, I should point out… is about 80% off. This deal won’t last long so nab it now…

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Francois Sagat’s Incubus – and a SUPER SPECIAL join from price at Titanmen!


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It’s finally here.

After months of production, industry rumors and a closely-guarded set in the desert of the Cochella Valley in Southern California, François Sagat’s Incubus is out. The jaw-dropping visuals and compelling imagery seen in the leaked shots fascinated and baffled people, starting countless conversations of just what François was up to this time. Featuring a mega-star cast including Hunter Marx, Spencer Reed, David Anthony, Junior Stellano, Jessy Ares, Shay Michaels, Jimmy Durano and Shay Michaels, Incubus was shot as two parts as the direct oral debut of Francois Sagat. It’s artistic, it’s compelling but above all else, it’s a full-on gay hardcore porn movie starring one of the most iconic porn stars ever.

And news gets better than Titan is also launching a totally redesigned site where members can get access to the complete Titanmen catalogue, streaming beautifully in HD on your computer and mobile devices. I just watched the whole first scene (which clocks in at a full 53 minutes and features 6 cum shots from 3 men!) on my iPad and I think it’s my new best friend.

And I’ll even better that.

Right now, you can join Titanmen’s site for a whopping 80% off. $99 for a full year of unlimited streaming of the entire catalogue of Titanmen, plus more movies by huge directors like Michael Lucas and Chichi Larue.

Incubus also features the first-time appearances of Jessie Jackman and Trenton Ducati, both of whom have already gained large followings before their first scenes are even released. Fans won’t be disappointed to finally see them in action.

Here at I’ve been posting lots of “making of” and “behind the scenes” video from the set and now that it’s out I’ll have a LOT more to post. You can also see a lot of bonus video on the blogs of Francois Sagat, David Anthony, and Jesse Jackman.

Check out the full gallery after the jump…

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Jesse Ares (aka Arestirado) sings “Striptease”


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I mentioned recently that while he was in town for Folsom weekend and shooting scenes for his movie “Command Performance,” Jesse Ares walked naked through the streets of San Francisco with Hunter Marx and Aymeric Deville shooting a video for his song “Porn Star.”

Seems he can’t keep his pants on while singing. I can live with that.

(thanks to Queermenow for pointing me to this…)

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The Extended Cut of the “Incubus” opening scene.


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There were two different edits of the opening sequence of Incubus. This is the first version that Francois Sagat and Brian Mills decided was a bit too long and in the words of François, “too linear.” The opening sequence sets up the movie but it made sense to them to work it all in a different order and make it tighter. It meant that the film opens quite differently, which you can see on the newly re-designed Titanmen site NOW!!

The opening they went with everyone agrees it a much better choice. It fits the tone and style of the movie better and visually it explodes onto the screen in color and shapes and sound. The editors did an amazing job of using the hours and hours of footage and creating such a spectacle. But it’s also a lot shorter. François wanted to move it along fast and keep the pacing and excitement up.

This sequence features more shots of various characters at the party. The editors were mesmerized by seeing Spencer Reed and Jimmy Durano dance in their Slick-it-Up outfits. Only a couple shots made the final edit, but we thought it was worth sharing.

Oh, you also get a look at Trenton Ducati in his reddish Slick It Up hood.

There’s a very fun “Making Of” clip over on François’s blog.

Incubus finally has it’s first scene released tomorrow on

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