Titanmen Classics: Pumped Up


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Hard to believe this movie is 17 years old.

Part of the recent wave of Titanmen Remastered Classics, Pumped Up has been upscaled to 1080p, polished up and re-released to Titanmen.com.

One of the best parts of Titanmen Membership is that you get full, unlimited access to the entire Titanmen online catalogue that features titles from the over 20 YEARS of our studio’s history.

Pumped Up is one of those forgotten classics that you’ll want to see again and again. And with crystal-clear HD streaming to your computer or mobile devices, it’s like having a complete Titanmen DVD Library in your back pocket for when the mood strikes you.

It’s the Ultimate Workout! Pumped Up brings to life every dirty thought you’ve ever had about the gym. It’s got bikes fitted with dildos, mouths waiting at the bottom of each squat, and a shower hose with amazing foreskin. With a couple of tattoos, a sprinkling of cockrings and cropped hair, plus lots of furry chests and bulging muscles, the eight super butch, jock-strap clad men at this gym are all psyched to work up a sweat.

Lean and hard gym trainer Ric Hunter drills Eric Evans and bruiser Shane Cole, and then pounds Tony Scalia’s yawning asshole. Hunter’s dropped four copious loads so far-he must be made outta protein. Solidly packed Brant Banes and darkly furred Bill Piatti clog the shower’s drain with cum, and a round robin threeway gets about as creative as you can be on a Nautilus machine, ending with a jaw dropper. Shane Cole rewires the machine so that it’s his ball sac that’s actually lifting the weights. Yikes! Where’s the beef? Right here at the TITAN gym. Don’t forget to have a high-protein cum smoothie before you leave!

Last modified: Dec 18, 2017

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