Director’s Blog: Shooting Liam Knox and Lorenzo Flexx in a VERY Tight Space.


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I’m probably making a bigger deal out of how tight a space we shot in than necessary. But when it was first suggested to us that we should shoot a whole scene in the rather narrow alley way between our house and the house next door, I thought it wouldn’t be possible. The area is long… but not very wide. I think the total width was around 7 feet.

Check out the pics:

That was barely enough to get my two performers, a couple props and lights in… and that meant that I had virtually no room for my actual camera men. Add to that, the sun was directly overhead in the middle of the day, so we had to find ways to scrim and block off the sun but not allow any of that gear into the shot.

The first thing that had to go was my monitor setup. We moved it all around the corner of the house and I sat on the back patio, shouting my camera and performer directions through a hedge.

But oddly enough, you can’t tell in the finished scene just how tight it all was. We managed to make it look like a pretty comfortable set, al things considered. It was HOT that day… so being in the shade was nice (although we had to turn off the AC unit, so the house became really hot. It’s all for art.

The scene itself… Liam and Lorenzo are both such sweet guys that we knew they’d get along really well and have great chemistry and they did… so once we actually managed to fit ourselves in place… the scene itself went off without a hitch.

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Last modified: Dec 8, 2017

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