Dad Teaches Son how to use a Gloryhole. Classic Joe Gage only at Titanmen.


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The scene was shocking then, it’s still shocking now.

But it remains one of the top-rated, most watched, most discussed and favorite gay porn scenes ever shot by Joe Gage.  The setup is classic Joe. Dad goes to his favorite porn arcade (on Route 9) and brings his son to teach him how a glory hole  works. What better way to celebrate his 18th birthday?

They encounter a willing man (played by a young Dominic Pacifico) on the other side of the hole and the fun gets going.  “Dad… that guy’s married,” says Jr.  “They’re the best ones,” answers dad.

What happens next is one of the hottest glory hole scenes ever… and just one scene from one of Joe Gage’s top-selling, favorite movies ever.

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The movie stars Adam Young , Alex Brawley , Brett Anderson , Cam Kurtz , Cole Ryan , Dominic Pacifico , Jake DeckardJody Scott , Josh Powell , Josh West , Ken Mack , Matt Cole , Matthew Matters and Peter Axel.

And directed by the one and ONLY Joe Gage.

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  1. Robert Legend says:

    I saw this scene downloaded from some site and I immediately found Titan Men and bought the DVD. The whole film is fantastic. But this scene is amazing! Joe Gage is the master…

  2. Adam says:

    Is that Jasun Mark working the counter?

  3. Rodrigo says:

    Delicious!!! Delicious!!! Delicious!!!

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