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This was a fun scene to shoot, but there were a LOT of… bumps in the road.

The scene called for an arial shot of the Silverlake Hills. I had wanted to use a shot of the actual lake… the problem was that at the time, the “lake” (really a reservoir) was empty. So I instead turned the drone 180° to show the actual hills and park. It’s a pretty opening shot but I do wish I’d gotten the water… Oh well…

The opening bit had Adam Ramzi and Dakota Rivers cruising for sex as they walked through the residential streets. Again, that felt a bit odd but we work with what we have. I had to keep stopping shooting because pedestrians kept getting in the shots…. That again… not what we want.

Finally… we shot this at the house of a friend of mine, but he’d forgotten to tell me that there was a construction crew working on the back of the property. They were nowhere near where we were shooting, but we could hear the conduction noises through the whole scene (which I mitigated by getting the guys to walk through the front of the yellow tape so viewers would understand why they were hearing the sounds of jack hammers and drills).

And of course… the guys were taking a fluff break while the crew changed out lights. And while they lay on the couch in the living room sucking dick and kissing… one of the workmen from the back yard walked into the room looking for the owner.

Oh dear. He didn’t stay. Pity, apparently he was hot.

The big surprise, though, was that HUGE cumshot that Dakota blew. We weren’t even going for a face shot and… as you can see.. Adam got a face full anyway.

Anyway… you can see the whole LA Cruising movie at Titanmen by clicking here.

Last modified: Nov 10, 2017

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