Flashback!! – PORN STAR, BABY!! – Jessy, Hunter and Aymeric walking through the Castro naked and singing.


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Back in late September of 2011, there was a huge Twitter burst of people reporting “three naked guys walking around the Castro in San Francisco shooting a music video.”

What they were seeing wasn’t some group hallucination but Jessy Ares, Hunter Marx and Aymeric Deville shooting the video for Jessy’s song “Porn Star” which is on his album Shameless.

Hunter and Aymeric weren’t in the movie, but you can see the mega-hot 4-way scene starring Jessy here.

It’s also featured in the  Titan movie Command Performance which is due out next week on Titanmen.

And yes, that actually was legal to do in San Francisco. Not anymore.

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Last modified: Nov 2, 2017

27 Responses to " Flashback!! – PORN STAR, BABY!! – Jessy, Hunter and Aymeric walking through the Castro naked and singing. "

  1. jackfeiry says:

    GREAT !!! …

  2. frankie says:

    Very impressive..great song..great vibe! and sexy singer and back-ups!

  3. vince says:

    not a bad song, but his pornstar looks are better than here “live”, i like him as a singer but still prefer him to bottom and kiss men, is he for hire?

  4. Sam says:

    This is the goofiest thing I have ever seen.

    • zack says:

      Thank you!!! Wtf people think this is good?! I thought this was so corny.

      • finn says:

        Of course it’s Corny. That’s kinda the point. They’re joking around and being silly. It’s a song about porn stars so they stripped naked and danced in the street.

  5. […] Porn Stars Walking Through the Castro Naked and Singing – Jessy, Hunter and Aymeric “Porn Star” Video NSFW Posted On Friday, January 20, 2012 By Accidental Bear. Under Queer News  Tags: Aymeric Deville, Castro Street, gay, gay porn, Hunter Marx, Jessy Ares, Naked, porn, porn star, public nudity, San Francisco   Well good morning to you! This video is like a bowl of gay candy, you shouldn’t have too much, but you keep going back for more. After watching video again, you may actually consider this a big bag of cheese!  Gay porn stars strutting around the gay mecca of the world San Francisco, recording a music video and dancing naked down the street. Yes, that is actually legal to do in San Francisco. The lyrics are hysterical and a good laugh. Watch the NSFW video HERE […]

  6. […] the video for “Porn Star” (link NSFW), the trio drop trou in broad daylight as passersby gasp, smile or quickly upload […]

  7. Fernando says:

    Wow… that was terrible. The two guys dancing on the back were so embarrassed.

  8. tommyz says:

    Ok – hot guy -but its I prefer my hot dogs in a bun.

  9. Ted says:

    Definitely better with the sound off.

  10. Lucifer says:

    Thank GOD they are not old.

  11. Dionte says:

    I live in the wrong city-state.

  12. Your one hot and sexy guy and i love your video its sexy

  13. rod fraizer says:

    was great to see a porn star sing and have more talent then just being a hot sexy porn star,i hope to see more music videos from him and his back up singers ….thank u rod

  14. Chip says:

    Where can I buy a copy I this video?

  15. Rafael says:

    Our best music video I’ve seen I wish that all the clips were just going to live enjoying every day they are just too perfect and cats. Give my ass to the singer.

  16. be responcible says:

    I just wonder in this current time where sterotypes are kiiling our equal rights if this was a responcible thing to do? It hardly going to help remove DOMA is it? besides that, the song was like a poor 80’s flop put together with a crap computor program. The GLBT community need to be more responcible if and I mean if we really need to be accepted.

    • finn says:

      Nope. sorry, as long as straight people can parade through the streets showing their private parts to each other and rewarding each other with beads in New Orleans, gay people can also put on a silly show in the Castro. Gay oppression has been around a LOT longer than the nudity laws in San Francisco and honestly.. what’s the big deal? Nobody in the Castro is shocked or even surprised by this.

      We don’t have DOMA because porn stars are horsing around naked on Folsom weekend, we have DOMA because politicians have decided to victimize our community in an attempt to take attention away from their own short-comings as politicians. And we’re not going to do away with DOMA by sitting down and being polite and hoping that we “earn” our equality.

      As far as the song itself goes… I think it’s pretty fun, actually. Yes, it’s got a very 80s electro pop vibe. So does the new Madonna album. and this was out before that.

  17. MagixM20 says:

    Seriously and this is way as a bisexual male I stopped dating/fucking men.This message is symbolizing gay men as just things to have sex with. Btw anyone could have written this song, and I wouldn’t take him serious about being a singer. All 3 of them where better off to just start having a threesome in the music video.

    • finn says:

      Well no.. the message is a group of porn stars poking fun at themselves and the public perception of them. They’re clearly laughing their heads off for the whole thing.

    • J says:

      Haha THIS is why you stopped dating men? And In the heterosexual world, women aren’t objectified just as much? Please dude, stop making excuses because you hold heterosexuality up to a higher standard and suffer from internalized homophobia. If the way a subculture within the gay community acts can effect how YOU personally see ALL gay men and make you choose to stop dating and being with them physically, then you didn’t accept yourself to begin with. Bisexuals always find ” good reason” to denounce homosexual relationships and sex but will never denounce what society sees as normal, even if the other side of the coin can be just as bad. Women cheat, straight men cheat, and society objectifies females while straight men get a big pat on the back for loving it.gays and bisexuals always want to pit ” lifestyles” against eachother…….get over it.

  18. Salvador G. Jimenez says:

    WOW! our porno stars do actually have other talents to support their chosen carriers, in the past all they did was fuck and get fucked but now they can dance and sing, soon they will appear on national television in The X Factor.

  19. Robert Smith says:

    He really can sing wow I’m very amazed at his singing voice it was amazing I loved his singing voice,.!?

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