CLASSIC Titanmen. Cop Shack on 101.


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Newley Remastered at Titanmen in crystal clear HD. Cop Shack on 101 was a huge hit (so big it got a sequel). This scene brings us to the actual Cop Shack in the title, The Ocean Grill.

Policemen meet for coffee and conversation… and the local men who “support the police” know that if they want to show their appreciation to the boys in blue… they just head to the men’s room where they can let the cops blow off some steam or just blow a load.

People have been asking us to remaster this one into HD for a while… we took our time to get it right. And it’s worth the effort. Enjoy…

While Alex Brawley’s shooting the shit with his cop buddies, Jason Ridge arrives back at the station fresh from his rounds. Alex suggests they grab something to eat at the Ocean Grill, a local late-night cop hangout filled with a mix of locals and law officers, where “everybody gets treated real good.”

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Last modified: Oct 30, 2017

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