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Ok so the first thing people have asked me is “why is Jacob walking like he has a dick up his ass already in that opening bit?

The truth is that we shot that AFTER the sex. The guys had arrived on set and I wanted to jump right into shooting and make sure we got everything we needed, leaving that opening cat and mouse B-roll bit for the end. While one of the crew went out to scout places we could shoot that opening, we jumped right into the scene.

Jacob was new to us, so I wanted to give him as much time as possible. Some guys need to be really comfortable to shoot in front of a room of strangers so I always give them as much time as they need. Jacob was ALSO about to take a REALLY big dick. Even the most experienced bottoms have said that while Tex’s dick is shaped perfectly to hit you in all the right places, it’s still REALLY big and takes some time to… take.

Jacob said he’d be just fine… He told Tex to just go for it… and I’ll admit… he TOOK it. Jacob does a great job bottoming for that huge dick and Tex really loved that someone was able to just take it and take it and take it.

So he just slammed his dick in over and over…


Fast Forward a few hours and we were at the “B Roll Location” in East LA. Jacob had taken so much pounding from behind that he was pretty sore. He also didn’t realize that the place we found was almost a mile walk from the location. So he was walking like someone who’d been fucked hard for the last 4-5 hours.

Oh well.. fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke, right?

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Last modified: Oct 27, 2017

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