Titanmen Classics: Back To Barstow


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It was an instant classic. One of those movies that the moment it hit the shelves, every fan of gay porn was talking about it. They couldn’t get enough.

They still can’t. Back To Barstow is still one of the biggest hits in the Titanmen Vault.

None of director Joe Gage’s legendary movies compare to the concentrated impact of Back to Barstow. For this saga of sex among small-town buddies, TitanMen’s technical facilities and big budget let Gage dive deeper into his obsessions than ever before. Intense cruising, voyeurism, jerk-off buddies, cock worship and hot hard manfucking make this the classic Gage movie of all time.

The carefully chosen cast mixes Gage regulars with outstanding stars like Diego De La Hoya, offers several hot film debuts, and adds TitanMen’s own most cum-crazed sexpigs — Fyerfli, Tyler Boots and Troy Banner, plus scorching cockdude Joey Russo. Mike’s coming back home, and his buddies are burnin’ up at the news. Straight dude Boots is sucked in by cunning Fyerfli, and stunning cock-worship ends in a pulverizing, flip-flop slam fuck. A T-room lockdown steams up a trio of bearded, sweaty men.

Sterling bones up to give Banner a hard ride in preparation for Mike’s coming home party. At the eight man orgy, two kids pig out on the dildos and cocks of some seasoned dads. Nasty Joey Russo calls the shots, struttin’ his electrifying cock and shooting his jizz to the moon, spurring the men into countless rounds of sweaty, balls-out, man sex. Bonus content adds a juicy scene and more, making Barstow a small town with a big fuckin’ payoff

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Last modified: Oct 26, 2017

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