Will Swagger and Tom Wolfe get WET. Classic Titanmen.


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The third and final scene from Titanmen’s “Wet” was a doozy.

With his hairy muscle bod getting wet, Tom Wolfe shows off in the shower as lover Will Swagger stares while shaving—his own boner propped above the sink. Will smiles and joins him, his smooth, muscular back filling the frame.


They rub each other’s bods, Tom stroking their cocks. He feasts on Will’s thick meat, water falling down on him as he spits on it. Tom snaps up his own boner as he sucks, a hot sound filling the bathroom as his rocket repeatedly smacks against his stomach.

A stream of spit slides down Will’s sac, Tom standing up for a kiss. Will sucks the stud back, his salt-and-pepper beard getting fucked as two strands of spit cling to Tom’s hairy balls—a hot shot showing both of their throbbers. Will looks up at Tom with his watery eyes, his own beast pulsing as he deep throats.

wet_scene03_006Will gets plowed from behind, steadying himself against the wall as his boner bounces with each fast thrust. He gasps for breath, stroking himself to the brink and unleashing a hands-free load—Tom fucking him some more before dumping a wad on his back.

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