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One of my favorite hookup stories from my own misspent 20s was when I was out riding my bike through the streets of Toronto. Some guy pulled up next to me at a stop sign and struck up a conversation that literally went like this:

Him: Hey…

Me: Hey.

Him: Out riding today? (I was literally on my bike)

Me: Yeah… thought I might head down to the beach later

Him: Cool… wanna come back to my place and fuck?

Me: Uh… yeah. Let’s do that.

Less than half an hour later I was back out on my bike headed to the beach one load lighter than I was before. I’ve always loved that “quick sex because why not” thing.

LA Cruising is in a way a kinda lazy movie.

We wanted a cool vibe…  “hanging out in LA hooking up with random guys you meet on the street.

We used no dialogue for the movie other than what the guys ad-libbed themselves. I wanted the whole movie to feel natural. So the guys just said and did what came naturally. The crew really just shot what we got.

OK so… yea, we gussied it up a bit with some drone and steady cam follow shots. This IS a Titan movie, after all.

The opening scene shows a street in Koreatown, halfway between Hollywood and Downtown. Lots of tall palm trees, walk-ups and green lawns. I got Jeremy just walking down the street and running into Tristan. The sidewalk was pretty busy so we had to keep waiting for those few seconds where I was able to get them and nobody else too close to the action. I shot it from across the street, out the balcony of the house and right next to them… It really does feel like a random hookup.

OK, maybe a bit faster.

Jeremy and Tristan live in San Diego and they drove up together that morning. So they already had some chemistry going by the time they got to the set. Once Jeremy saw Tristan’s dick, he couldn’t WAIT to get going and kept trying to hurry us up so he could get some of that dick.

That set the stage for what was such an easy-going, intense and hot scene that I think opens up this movie perfectly.

Hope you like it.

Last modified: Oct 20, 2017

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