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Bruce had been gone for a while. A LONG while. A detached retina had left him enduring numerous surgical procedures, unable to work out or exert himself… production assistant/camera man Don Simmer and I are both blind in one eye and did our best to be supportive, but we mostly just had to wait for him to fully recover and get back in shooting shape.

Those few months were really hard on Bruce and when I got the call that it was time and he felt ready to return to shooting… I told him we’d do everything we could to make it a good experience. I even told him to give us some suggestions for scene partners… He timidly asked if he could shoot with his friend Jason Vario. He was expecting us to say “no” (they’d already performed together in my movie Cauke For Free (as well as another studio), but we were actually just fine with that… fans had LOVED seeing them together and had wanted to see them paired up again. Their undeniable chemistry was apparent just sitting around having dinner… paired up naked they looked hot and the action was perfect.

So sure… we’d do another Jason/Bruce scene.

We were in Los Angeles shooting in a friend’s basement. He’s got a full play room, all the fetish gear you’d want (Including 2 slings, one of which I slept in once) and as a uniform collector, he has a GIGANTIC collection of just about every kind of uniform you’d want in just about every size you could need. I say “Just about” because Jason has such huge shoulders, traps and lats, getting him in and out of his shirt was… pretty much impossible. We had to resort to some editing magic to get that police shirt off of him.

Bruce’s eyes are one of his most unique features. His eyes are just a bit bigger than most, which gives him one of the most intense but somehow soft looks. The sky blue colour of them give him that jaw-dropping handsomeness that is his own. But since his eye wasn’t fully healed after the multiple surgeries… so we had him leave on his aviator shades. I was a bit worried it was going to look wrong but it doesn’t. Totally fits. Score another one for “Cop Uniforms.”

The scene itself is everything you’d want it to be. Action is intense but the kind you’d expect from men who have sex regularly in their private lives (fun side note: Jason had slept over at Bruce’s house the two nights before and they… were really ready to go when they arrived on set).

With such a low ceiling, we had to get creative with lightning. But we made it work (I had to attach a reflector to the ceiling for a couple of the angles).

My favorite position is that riding on the floor. Seeing Jason’s HUGE dick slamming into Bruce’s perfect ass is a thing of beauty.

Hope you enjoy it.

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Last modified: Oct 6, 2017

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