The Titanmen Big Dick List – Part 4


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Part FOUR of our “Titanmen Big Dick List.”

Let us know if you’re enjoying this… we’ll keep it going. It’s always fun to look back over the last 20+ years of Titanmen movies to remember the biggest and the best.

As Titanmen is digitally remastering their back catalogue into 1080HD titles and releasing them to the website (where members can either stream to their computers and mobile devices OR download), I’m having a VERY hot time reacquainting myself with the men and their manhoods.


10. Bruce Beckham 8” Cut, vers

Bruce Beckham had been a huge gay porn star a few years back but disappeared without a trace… only to resurface looking bigger and better than ever. His handsome face draws you in and that incredible muscular body will electrify you, but it’s that huge dick with it’s characteristic slight upwards curve at the tip that will seal the deal.

Bruce’s return to gay porn was in the movie Blue Print alongside Titanmen Exclusive Dallas Steele. The two of them starting in dress casual business attire and ending in sweat on the floor was a huge hit with fans and marked Bruce’s triumphant return to gay porn. Welcome, back, we’ve been waiting for you.

One of his most well-received scenes was the virtually setup-free scene with Alex Mecum in Beards… their natural chemistry was off the chart.

Other hits were his iconic scene with Jason Vario in Cauke For Free, with Matthew Bosch in Say Uncle and with Titanmen Exclusive Eric Nero in Demolition.


11. Spencer Reed 9” cut, top

Spencer Reed’s dick is not just big, it’s very thick. When he’s fully hard, Spencer’s dick points straight up into your face and you know that he’s not going to show you any mercy as he slides it into your hole and lets you have it. Spencer is a consummate “rough guy.” His bulging muscles, his powerful demeanor and that dick of fury are legend.

When Hunter Marx decided to bottom for the first time on camera… he chose Spencer. He figured it he was gonna get fucked, he may as well have it done by the master.

One of Spencer’s most popular scenes is the 3-way with porn Mega-Star François Sagat and Shay Michaels.


12. Michael Brandon 12” cut, vers

Yes. An ass-splitting 12” dick. Michael Brandon only appeared in 3 Titanmen scenes (The List, Closed Set and Trespass), but it’s hard to forget anything that big.

His scene in Trespass with Jon Galt is a classic. Starting out in the wide open wilderness of Northern California’s Pacific Coastal mountains, your first look at Michael’s dick just looks… big. But as Jon sucks it more and more, it continues to grow to its full size and you know that Jon’s ass is in for quite a ride.


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