The Titanmen Big Dick List (Part 3)


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In case you’re just joining us, you can check out Parts 1 & 2 here and here.

We’ve been having a lot of fun talking about our favorite Titanmen stars with the biggest, most famous dicks. And I’m gonna say that if your dick is as famous (or even MORE famous) than you are… THAT’s something you can brag about among your friends.

Continuing the list…

7. Jesse Jackman 8” Cut, vers

Jesse Jackman. One of the longest running exclusives (if not THE longest-running exclusive), being with us here at Titanmen for a whopping 6 years. Making his debut in the movie Surveillance, Jesse has starred in 31 Titan features (Including two as-yet-unreleased coming later this year).

Jesse also makes two short cameos in Incubus 1 (uncredited) and In The Shadows.

Jesse is also one of the few Titanmen who has a writing credit to his name… he co-wrote the scripts for OUT! and Cauke For Free along with Keith Webb and Jasun Mark (the trio won the Grabby for Best Screen Play at the 2017 Grabbys for Cauke For Free).

His huge, muscular frame (he’s 6’1”) would dwarf most big dicks, but Jesse’s massive 8” dick, with his unique “cocksucker’s curve” shape, still looks big. Happy to top and bottom, Jesse’s also appeared in a bunch of scenes with his real-life husband Dirk Caber.  But one of his most popular scenes ever is probably this one with his real-life good friend Nick Prescott in OUT!


8. Dred Scott 9” Cut, top

One of the most iconic Titanmen stars ever. Dred Scott had a short but sweet career in porn… only 8 movies to his name. But he remains one of the most popular Titanmen ever.

He jokes that he chose his porn name “to stir up a little controversy as I am multi-racial.” One of the legends was that he was cast in his first movie Slammer without his signature tattoos… but when he arrived on set and took off his shirt, Bryan Mills called up to Bruce Cam and Keith Webb to tell them “you’re going to want to come down and see what’s standing in our studio.”

And a legend was born.

A dedicated top, Dred performed in some of the biggest movies in the Titan library (which says a lot since that catalogue goes back over 20 years). He’s one of the few Titanmen to have a DVD collection dedicated to his best scenes (which you can pick up here). It’s hard to choose one scene to best sum him up, but check out my personal favorite movie Gorge.


9. Cliff Rhodes 9” Cut, top

Cliff Rhodes tells us he likes “Redheads, big dicks and group sex.” He appeared in only 5 Titanmen movies, but that 9”, thick dick remains in the minds of Titanmen fans.

One of the “Daddy” type porn stars. Cliff was a bit older than most of the Titanmen at the time, but that just gave him that silver-fox look that the fans (and the younger Titanmen) wanted.

His most popular scene was in the “Father In Law fucking his Son In Law To Be” scene in Joe Gage’s Lifeguards.

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