Director’s Blog: Making Bad Cop 2 with Dakota Rivers and Jeremy Spreadums


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Dakota Rivers was a Titanmen exclusive back in the 2000s... Tall, handsome, striking chiseled features and of course, a REALLY BIG DICK. He’s also funny and smart and a blast to have on set. We hadn’t seen him in years when he called me up asking if he could maybe return to Titanmen. He’d been chatting online with Adam Ramzi and they wanted to do a scene together (they did… in a movie coming out later this year) and would we want him back at Titanmen.

Well… yes. We did.

But we were also in the middle casting Bad Cop 2… the follow up to Bad Cop that raked in award nominations and fans… We knew he’d look hot in the cop uniform. Perfect.

Jeremy Spreadums had been around in porn for a while but we hadn’t worked with him yet. Adam Ramzi to the rescue again… he told us Jeremy was great to work with and it would be a perfect scene.

The scene itself has a really simple setup. The new recruit Jeremy wants to know why he doesn’t get a stun gun… Dakota says “you don’t get one until you’ve had it used on you.” So… he uses it on Jeremy.

OK, full disclosure… I took the batteries out of the stun gun and what you hear and see is all CGI movie magic.

Jeremy’s body is amazing… like carved marble. That smooth skin, that amazing muscle tone… I also love the eyes and those thick eyebrows.

What blew me away was how his dick stayed rock hard the whole time… even in a riding position which is one of the hardest ways to keep hard. His cock pointed right up at the ceiling the whole time. THAT was hot to see.

We ALSO got some amazing cum shots out of it all…

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Last modified: Sep 22, 2017

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