Dakota Rivers Returns to Titanmen for Bad Cop 2 with Jeremy Spreadums on the Receiving End…


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An incredible pairing. After a long time gone, Titanmen star Dakota Rivers returns to star in Bad Cop 2: Internal Investigations.

Joining him is new recruit Jeremy Spreadums.

A very fun setup… Dakota is asked about his stun gun and informs the new guy that you can’t have one until you’ve had it tested on yourself… so… Jermey rolls up his arm and takes jolt after jolt.

The real action we want to see is that HUGE dick of Dakota’s and Jeremy wastes no time getting down on his knees and letting it pop out in his face.

Jeremy’s skin is smooth as a peach…Watching his perfect pucker of an asshole get fucked is incredible… Right down to the way he winces when Dakota slams his cock in and out.

Jeremy takes charge and sits on Dakota’s dick… You know that Jeremy is really into it because the whole time while riding, he stays hard as a rock, dick pointing straight at the ceiling.

Final cumshots are huge… Cum fans are going to love this scene…

Check out the whole movie now streaming at Titanmen.

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Last modified: Sep 21, 2017

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