Director’s Blog: Liam And Luke had an uninvited audience watching us shoot the new scene…


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Shooting this scene was a study in “while things are going crazy around you, stay focused and complete the job.”

We had thought that the sky would be deep blue and we’d be under a heavy sun…so we got up early and spent a long time hanging the scrim above the men to dissipate the light and give that soft look on them… However, once we were done shooting the stills (which are always done first), we still didn’t have sun… a thick cloud cover was still over us and… we just kept shooting.

THEN the wind started to gust and nearly blew the scrim over… nearly falling on the camera crew AND the performers. That could cause some rather serious injuries so we had to shore it in place… and we just kept shooting. Watch it:

Then we started to smell a barbecue… and then started to hear a bit of dance party music… and then we started to hear…. voices.

Seems that a large group of (quite handsome) men from Chicago had come to Palm Springs for Bear Week and had rented the house next to us…

Well…. someone looked over the fence and saw a porn shoot going on… That’s probably not something you see a lot in Chicago so we now had a rather riveted audience.  I guess the good news was that we had an audience that wanted to see Luke Adams fucking Liam Knox and then Liam Knox fucking Luke Adams?

Anyway… we just kept shooting.

Then our head of production, Keith Webb, came out to tell us that he’d had a word with the guys next door and told them they could watch but “no pictures.” They didn’t have a problem with this, so… we just kept shooting.

Then the loud road work started… then the three LOUD leaf blowers from three different directions… We just kept shooting.

The best part of it all was that Luke and Liam were SO into each other that they just kept the action going… every so often, they’d have to stop and laugh at the absurdity of the situation, but really… porn is always absurd even when everything goes right, don’t you think?

OK let’s get to the scene itself… it’s amazing. We wanted it to look maybe a bit surreal like those old Perfume/Underwear commercials from the 80s. Just two men with beautiful bodies having really great sex… all standing up..taking turns fucking each other. We got some mega-hot footage…

Luke takes a nice load of cum all over his handsome face at the end… he really likes that.

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Last modified: Sep 15, 2017

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