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The thing I remember most about shooting this scene was that it was shot during an event in Palm Springs (I think maybe the International Bear Convergence). That meant that the house next door had been rented by a big group of men in town from the midwest and they’d never seen a porn movie get shot before… so once one of them took at look over the fence… they ALL were taking a look over the fence. We had a full audience while we were shooting and in a couple places we had to be careful not to get them in the shot.

Meh… the stars didn’t mind being watched so we just kept going. And we got an amazing scene out of it all. Luke had shown up with a full beard. He was about to go shave it off when we told him not to… we loved the look he had and his hairy chest popping through gave him a manly look that was rather amazing… hard to bellevue that this was the same guy who only two years ago made his debut in Like Father Like Son.

The biggest challenge was dealing with the light… it was so beautiful outside that even when we came INSIDE (to get away from the noise of the party next door), I wanted to still have that background. That meant I had to make it as bright inside as it was outside… So we pulled every light we had cranked them all way up to the top… placed them JUST outside the frame of the cameras and as close to the performers as possible and adjusted our aperture to that bright light.. it meant that we still got to see all that greenery and the pool in the back.

Adam… well he was a total newbie but you’d never know it. He did such a great job I was blown away… Keith called him “a natural.”

And WOW those cum shots


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