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When I heard that Hunter Marx was coming back to America (he currently is living in Australia) and would have time to shoot two scenes with us… I made a whole list of men I wanted him to be paired with.

Top of my list (which, admittedly, was pretty long) was Tex Davidson. They’re both big, meaty men’s men. Muscular and masculine. The “strong silent type.” They’re also those sweet, soft-spoken gentlemen who can fuck like wild animals when they let loose. And they both have REALLY big dicks. So… perfect.

There’s very little opening dialogue setting up this scene but what we got was funny… kinda sweet. Tex and Luke Adams play a couple coming to visit Hunter and his boyfriend Adam Thicke at their place in Palm Springs… And of as the title would suggest, they swap partners for some fun.

Anyway… we had Luke walk into the bedroom with them and then casually strip naked in front of Tex and Luke before going out to join Adam by the pool (their scene comes out next week).

Once we got that part out of the way… WOW. Everything I hoped would happen happened. Tex and Hunter were totally into each other and couldn’t wait to get their dick and asshole together (remember many years ago in 2012 when Hunter was still a dedicated top?). The sweat and heat you see is all real. The guys burned up the screen.

Hunter said that Tex’s dick “feels so good up my hole… it’s shaped perfect. Hits me right in the spot.”

Tex just gave a quiet chuckle at that.

You can see the whole movie Swap, along with the entire Titanmen online catalogue available streaming and download DRM-free, at Titanmen.

Last modified: Aug 16, 2017

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