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This was a fun scene, although every scene has a unique set of challenges.

For the opening scene from the movie Boom, we had a bit of a walk-through of changes that will be coming to the house that’s being renovated. This is the third but kind of fifth movie in the “Titanmen Renovation Series” (that includes Blue Print, Say Uncle, Parole, Demolition and now BOOM).

We started that series with the movie Blue Print that introduced Bruce Beckham to the Titan family and also featured Matthew Bosch, Dallas Steele, Eric Nero, Adam Ramsey, Dirk Caber and Max Sergeant. At the time, Titan had a large house we’d used to shoot a bunch of scenes for various movies (including Rent and Silverlake),  but they had decided to renovate it and that meant we had a lot of fresh locations for the movie… but they’d all be construction sites and as time progressed, it would get harder and harder to shoot as we had to grapple with no shower… limited  access to electricity and at one point, a house with virtually no walls.

The script called for Matthew to lead Liam down a narrow hallway as he walked him through work that was going to have to be done… This was a rough shot to get that required me to walk backwards down the hallway in front of them with a steady cam  while one of our camera men walked with a boom mic right behind me. We lit the shot with lights in each room but that meant that the light level went drastically up and down as they walked past each door… So in post we had to slowly adjust levels through that 20-second clip to help balance out the light as they moved in and out of each light pool.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of what the shot looked like before and after.

Liam and Matthew are both great guys… Matthew is tall and lean, Liam is shorter but very muscular… the body types contrasted well and their natural chemistry meant that we were able to just shoot the action how it would unravel… We didn’t have a huge space to shoot in, so we had to improvise with props and lighting. Worked well… usually a scene on a couch is hard to shoot but the one we had there was minimal enough that it looked great and allowed us to shoot the men without much in the way.


The one thing I remember more than anything was that it was hot… we couldn’t leave the air conditioning on, so it ended up being very hot inside between takes.

When it came time for cumshots, both men were happy… they told me they’d been so turned on that they’d been holding back for a long time… they both blew their loads fast and we had another scene shot… that’s always a good feeling.

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Last modified: Jul 7, 2017

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