Real-Life Couple Jonah Fontana and Lorenzo Flexx Together in Cum Laude


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Such a fun scene… you can see just how great their chemistry is. Jonah Fontana and Titanmen Exclusive Lorenzo Flexx are partners in real life, so seeing them together feels intimate to a level not usually seen. You feel like you’re almost peering in their window at times… they seem to forget that the cameras are there.

And let’s make it clear… the cameras cover every square inch of these boys. One of the hottest moments comes when Jonah is sucking Lorenzo and then reaches around to finger his hole… then we get a microscopically close shot from the other side showing the fingering. It’s amazing.


We also get to see their natural banter with each other…

This is a beautifully shot scene that has such great natural chemistry it’s a must-see.


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Click Here to see the whole thing at Titanmen. 

Last modified: Jun 14, 2017

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