Can we talk about that opening drone shot in Pool Service?


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Being the film geek that I am, I often spend more time dissecting things like camera angles, camera movements and lighting than anything else, even when I’m watching porn.

The new scene from Titanmen’s Pool Service features the Titan debut of red-headed bad boy Jack Vidra along with Titanmen exclusive Matthew Bosch. Shot outside in blindingly-bright sun of Palm Springs, the scene is as hot as the sun probably was on their bodies. The chemistry between them was mentioned by fans and reviewers and of course the huge dick of Matthew pounding into Jack’s hole is something you won’t forget soon.


But that film geek in me wanted to know more about that opening drone shot that, in a few seconds, established not only where the action was taking place, but told a story wordlessly and let the viewer feel like they were right by the pool with the men.


Titanmen director Jasun Mark had this to say..

“That location is really sweet… the mountain and the sun beaming down… the cool blue of the pool, the green of the trees… Keith’s script suggested a drone shot showing Jack working while Matthew drove up. Had we just done a static shot of that, Nobody would see Jack working among all those other things. The best choice was to show a static shot of the pool with Jack walking through it. With him being the only thing moving, people would understand that’s where he was. We then had to show that Matthew was arriving at that same time. That meant it all had to happen in one shot: Jack walking to the back of the yard to work while Matthew pulled up in his car.

We did that about 20 times before it was timed perfectly… I sat hidden in the back yard under an awning and steering the drone remotely while my assistant Don Simmer stood behind me relaying directions to Matthew via telephone as he drove up.

I know that nobody is going to be jerking off to that clip, but I think it really enhances the enjoyment of the scene. It was worth the extra effort to add those parts.”

Check out the gallery of stills after the jump…

Last modified: Apr 23, 2017

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