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I stayed awake all night before this shoot kinda… freaking out.

Not because I was worried about my performers. I had an ace cast. Dirk Caber who’s been a Titan Man longer than I’ve worked here.  Liam Knox had done a couple scenes for us already and his acting wasn’t anything I was worried about. My two main stars for this scene were Dallas Steele and Alex Mecum. They’re amazing. Dallas and Alex are not only hot men who do great performances every single time we shoot together and they can both act well enough to carry off their couple of lines…

No, the reason I was kinda freaking out was that I had to also appear on camera for the first time since 2015 when we shot the Dallas/Jesse duo in OUT. And I’m just… a regular guy who now has to stand next to those Titans. That was kinda scary. But the guys totally stole the show. Most people won’t even notice me buried next to everyone else.

And of course, I was the only one really playing myself. I just had to do a regular photoshoot with Dallas and Alex like I normally do, and both of those men always look great on camera. So really, I just had to give my usual “grab your abs, chin down, big smile, exhale….” that I usually do.

Once we got past the opening bit, we turned it into a regular scene. I uttered my line… “ACTION.” And BANG… Dallas and Alex both rose to the occasion. When I have two vers performers, I always hope to get a flip scene… I always think those are the hottest. Both me were into it, so that’s what we got. I shot the whole thing on one couch and one main camera angle so it wasn’t a lot of moving around, I had to let the men steal the scene… and they did. I wasn’t worried about that, those guys can always deliver.

One of the biggest challenges when you’re shooting on a smaller piece of furniture like a couch is finding more than just a couple of angles to shoot… above, below, straight on… those are usually easy, but under shots, over shots, front and behind.. those can sometimes be a challenge to light and frame well.

This is a short movie… it’s got very little story, three scenes and while I had a lot of fun shooting the opening bits, I didn’t have much story to tell… so the men had to steal the movie from me… they did.

Hope you like this scene. This is two of the biggest porn stars of the moment doing what they do best and I’m very proud to be the one who got to shoot this one.

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Last modified: Mar 14, 2017

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