Ever Wonder How To Become A Titan Man?


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It’s one of the most common questions that we at Titan get.

“How can I get in a Titan movie?”

There are a bunch of ways. First… you gotta have what it takes. The body, the face, the attitude, the look and a love of performing on camera. You gotta be into Titanmen… we work with gay men who want to show off that natural gay masculinity and sexuality. We want to show real chemistry on video. It’s the secret to our success.

If you happen to know or be friends with one of the Titanmen… ask them to forward your pics to us. We’ll happily take a loot.

If you don’t… we have an online application at Titanmen here.

You can also just be spotted by one of our scouts.


The new Titanmen movie Audition tells the story of how Kevin/Liam Knox came to be the newest Titanmen Exclusive. Out for a run, Kevin runs past Dirk Caber and after some eye fucking, the two hook up at Dirk’s house for some real fucking…

Recognizing Dirk, Kevin tells him he’s always wanted to be in porn and asks if he can maybe visit the set. Watch for scene one tomorrow night at midnight…

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Last modified: Mar 6, 2017

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