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Couple hits of the Sledge Hammer and phase three of Titanmen’s “Renovation Series” is in full swing.

Starting with Blueprint and continuing with Say Uncle, Titanmen have been doing a movie about remodeling a house from the planning stages (in scenes with Dallas Steele & Bruce Beckham, Dirk Caber & Adam Ramzi and Matthew Bosch & Eric Nero) and moving onto the work on the pipes and electric removal (in scenes with Eric Nero & Max Sergeant and Tex Davidson & Luke Adams).

Now ready for the house to come down.. Titanmen are proud to present Demolition. Starting with Eric Nero (reprising his role as Big D) and Bruce Beckham (reprising his role as the lead designer) having a fast fuck on the desk and then following up with the crew having their own fun… even Dirk Caber and Adam Ramzi come back to reprise their scene together… this time blowing off the roof.

Next Stage… the walls come down…

Last modified: Jan 16, 2017

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