Trainee Eddy CeeTee gets his Commanding Officer Bruce Beckham to “SPREAD ‘EM” in Parole


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There was something wild in the air that day. It was hot as hell in the piercing desert sun. The crew had to climb up on the roof of the “Pablo Escobar” house where this scene was shot to constantly move and re-adjust the scrim that dissipated the direct sunlight and Eddy and Bruce were going a bit crazy from the heat.

Dressed in stunning Parole Officer gear complete with weapons and mirrored sun glasses, the men looked amazing and weren’t able to keep their hands off each other. While the script and story of the movie required some set-up and dialogue, Bruce and Eddy really couldn’t wait to get their hands on each other. They spent most of their time kissing and touching and pawing at each other while the cameras and lights were adjusted.

The original script called for Bruce to bottom for Eddy but Bruce somehow managed to talk Eddy into bottoming for him right there on set.

First it was Eddy’s turn to top and he didn’t hold ANYTHING back. He slams Bruce’s hole with an animal energy that exhausted everyone just watching. It was brutal and harsh and strong and exactly the kind of slam-fuck-against-the-wall that you’d expect with two men like Bruce and Eddy.

When it was Eddy’s turn to bottom, he let out a bit of a gulp…  Bruce’s dick is big and Eddy hadn’t really planned on this happening, so Bruce let him slowly open up and let him in. Before long, though, Eddy’s dick is oozing pre-cum in huge white drops as Bruce’s perfectly-shaped dick hits him in JUST the right place.

This is scene two from Titanmen’s new movie Parole. Click Here to download it at Titanmen.

Last modified: Oct 19, 2016

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