Vote For JAILBREAK as the STEAMWORKS FAN FAVORITE at the 2016 Grabby Awards


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VOTING IS NOW OPEN. Our movie JAILBREAK has been nominated as Steamworks Fan Favorite at the 2016 Grabby Awards. Anyone can vote… we’d love your support. Titanmen’s Dick Danger won back in 2014 and we’d love to bring this one home again.


Jailbreak uses some cutting-edge production technology, including the actual “Jail Break Scene” where we used a drone camera and steady-cam to create a rather amazing flyover and chase sequence that added to the film. It stars mega-star Jesse Jackman along with a then-new Eric Nero in a scene people said blew them away. The film also features the last performance of Tommy Defendi and the Titanmen debut of Brendan Patrick (playing a young escaped convict). Rounding out the cast are Hunter Marx and Drake Jayden as a Jail CO and prisoner.

It also has some very quick cameos by a bunch of director Jasun Mark’s motorcycle riding buddies as the escaping band of convicts, who dressed up in prison orange jumpsuits and let him chase them around La Cañyata with a drone.


Last modified: Apr 1, 2016

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