Flash Back: Covering François Sagat with Mud


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Like digital Pack Rats such as myself who have drives and drives filled with archived video, pictures, audio clips, random apps and various… things backed up, I occasionally will haul out a drive to see what’s on it.

Found this rather cute clip of me on my first day shooting with Titan. I had left my previous job for another studio about a month before and was working for a bunch of studios freelance when I got a call from Brian Mills asking if I’d be interested in coming out to Palm Springs for a week to shoot with the Titan crew. Working for Titan had been a dream job for years, so I jumped at the chance, but it wasn’t until I got there that I realized I’d be working on the new epic François Sagat movie. Quite the trial by fire.

At the time I described it as “an incredible experience and it’s awoken a new love of movie making that I was starting to lose.” Four and a half years later, I still have that fire and it’s still burning away. Being here at Titan has been a total dream and I’m very proud to call Titan home.

The resulting movie from this shoot was, of course, Incubus. You can watch the trailers here for Part One and Part Two.

Last modified: Sep 11, 2017

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    Looking for Jed Athens

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