Gays Are Using Magic Mike XXL As A Homosexual Recruitment Tool


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Magic Mike XXL Channing Tatum Nude

This was originally published on Can you tell if this is satire or real? Tell us in the comments! In the meantime, enjoy these animated pictures of Channing Tatum Nude and Gyrating from Magic Mike XXL.

It is no secret that gays run the Hollywood industry.  In every single song, tv show and movie of modern time, the gay lifestyle is celebrated.  Fast cars, exotic vacations, fabulous jobs and wealth all on display as well-tanned gay actors of candid charm and intelligence grace the screen with their tight abs, ironic gay sarcasm and wit, their antics leaving hard-working fathers of nuclear families a bit jealous and lusty.  Why are these men living the life?  Why are they so stress-free, even though they are disoberying God and being gay?  “Where did it all go wrong?”

By always showcasing the glitzy gay lifestyle and having characters make some off-the-cuff reference to the perks and typical hallmarks of homosexuality, gays are cleverly creating a new marketing tool that confuses straight men and tempts them –for perhaps just one night– to relive the what-ifs in their life and give homosexuality a try.  The lifestyle of homosexuality to straight men is like the lifestyle of the Kardashians to a North Korean rice farmer.

Enter Magic Mike XXL.  The movie is pure homosexual fishing bait.  The gays have chummed the waters by lubing up actors like Channing Tatum and using him as stink bait.   Their tactics are working, as they are reeling in enough straight men to skew census data to the point that the CDC announced that homosexuality has increased over 1.52% during the 4th of July weekend.

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Magic Mike XXL

Magic Mike XXL

Magic Mike XXL Channing Tatum  Nude

Last modified: Jul 6, 2015

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