Nick and Matt spontaneous action on set… Today’s Random Cell Phone Clip.


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We weren’t rolling yet and in fact we weren’t even ready to roll. Before Nick Prescott and Matt Stevens started shooting their scene for Titan Rough’s Foul Play, they did a short product still shoot for Oxballs (we were shooting in the Oxballs factory).

That didn’t stop the guys who were SO ready to get into it that they spontaneously started dry humping. We were kinda worried he was going to blow his load up Matt’s back before we shot the scene but Nick gave us his signature cocky smile and said “Oh, don’t worry, I’m saving that for later…”

you think the build up was hot… download the full scene from Foul Play at Titanmen.

Some pics from that scene after the jump…


Last modified: Jul 6, 2015

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