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When Titanmen hired me to come handle some of the basic office stuff and occasionally help out on shoots by holding up a light or picking up used condoms off the floor*, one of the questions that they asked me was “How familiar are you with Titanmen movies?”

I honestly told them that the first porn movie that I jerked off to was Gorge. That was the first time I ever mentioned jerking off in a job interview. Well, and still got the job, anyway.

I still remember the overwhelming masculinity of Dred Scott. His bulging muscles, outlined and accentuated by
those tattooed flanks, the intense look in his piercing eyes, his handsome face and the “I’m going to fuck you and you’re going to love every second of it” facial expression that I’ve tried (and failed) to recreate in the mirror ever since.

As Titanmen goes back through their catalogue to put together some of the most impressive “Best Of” collections on DVD, they finally have made it to the movies of Dred Scott. Featuring six of his jizz-in-pants-inducing scenes, you’ll see just how incredible his performances were. His movies like Tresspass and Detour are unmissable but it’s Gorge, Fallen Angel 4 and the “Can’t look away” Carny that has given me boners just walking through the stock room every day.


Released in a remastered set, all these movies are available individually on DVD and streaming on the newly-designed Titanmen Website which is currently on sale for 60% off when you buy 180 days for $69 or a full 365 days for $119.

*(which I gotta say is about 10 times hotter than it sounds, and it sounds pretty hot)

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Last modified: Jun 21, 2015

8 Responses to " Titanmen Classics: Dred Scott "

  1. richokRich says:

    The question is… where is Dred Scott now? =/

  2. Mike says:

    I always thought he was one of the hottest fuckers around. Then he just disappeared.

    So as richokRich already asked above… Where did he go??

  3. John says:

    Great pictures! I am totally obsessed with Dred Scott, I just wonder why I have read so many times that he was gay for pay?? Having seen all his movies and behind the scenes I can´t believe that! So are you sure about the bf?

  4. Chuck says:

    He lived in Seattle before getting into porn. I know first hand that he was not gay-for-pay

  5. SinnerMan72 says:

    He still lives in Seattle, but doesn’t really talk much about his porn star past. In fact, he doesn’t really like it much when guys ask him about it….not that he is ashamed of it by any means…i think he enjoyed his time with it i think but then kinda moved on. Everybody wants him to be ‘Dred Scott’ the guy that is in the Titan movies, a one-dimensional character that would smack you around and then bend you over and fuck you…but he is much more than that, and i think he got maybe tired of people just wanting to see that side of him. He’s also a really funny, extremely intelligent guy that writes and performs his own music and has a whole bunch of other non-sex related interests that probably a lot of people would be surprised at. (But don’t worry, he still likes to get his fuck on too…) A great guy…and last I saw him was doing well.

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