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New out at, this scene from Upper Hand… and collection of scenes depicting older tops and younger bottoms… returning Titanmen star Alessio Romereo and Drake Jayden. Set in a military hotel where personnel stay while going to or from active duty, this scene shows the men at their most sweaty and sexual.

Word from the cast and crew is that the set was hot. Not just hot.. but HOT… shot during a heat wave uncharacteristic even for Los Angeles, the team reported that it got so hot with the lights and crew all in that space that both stars were dripping with sweat from head to toe. That just made the end result hotter.

Fun Facts

• Alessio was a last-minute replacement. The original top for that scene had to cancel last minute and director Jasun Mark texted Alessio asking if he’d be able to come down “like… now. right now.” Alessio to the rescue, he jumped in his car and was on set so fast, cameras started rolling right on schedule.

• The Production Assistant on set was Motorboot Robert, who also happens to be a uniform collector. The uniforms you see are authentic and from his private collection.

• Even with the heat, Alessio and Drake were so turned on by the scenario and each other, the scene was shot in record time.

Click Here to see the whole scene at Titanmen.

Last modified: Jun 10, 2015

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