Tyler and Matt are Friends With Benefits


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On the couch, Tyler Edwards has his arm around shaved-headed Matt Stevens—who has his hand on Tyler’s knee. Matt turns off the TV and dives in for a kiss as the two rub each other’s bods. Tyler stares at the tattooed muscle man as Matt unzips him and sucks his throbber. Tyler sucks him back, Matt’s dangling pink sac getting brighter with each slurp. The camera looks up at his hot bod, veins bursting from his biceps. Matt looks down at the sucker: “Yeah? Like that?” he says, tilting Tyler’s head up and smiling at him.


The two kiss, their cocks jostling before Matt offers his ass. “Yeah! Get in there!” he moans as Tyler buries his beard in the hairy hole, soon fucking him from behind (“Fuck yeah! Take my hole!”). The verbal Matt gets on his back, stroking as he stares at the top (“Your dick feels good!”), a constant smile on the bottom’s face.


He sits down on Tyler, his own boner bouncing. Tyler wraps his arms around the bottom and squeezes his nipples, Matt’s muscles tightening as he lets out a juicy load before Tyler squirts.

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