Scott Hunter and Casey Moore are ‘Friends With Benefits.”


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Glistening with precum, Casey More’s cock pokes Scott Hunter’s groin as they kiss. The tall and tattooed Casey licks down Scott’s beefy bod, the hunk’s towel falling to the floor as his uncut boner pops out in Casey’s face. He sucks Scott deep, his own thick cock pulsing below in excitement. Scott drops down to suck his bud back, wrapping his lips tight around the shaft and deep throating him. Casey tugs his own sac skin as he gets sucked, soon getting Scott on his back and lifting his legs.


An aerial shot looks down as Scott gets penetrated, Casey’s abs tightening as he fucks him. The top turns him over for more, then has Scott sit down on his dick. The bottom’s fleshy sac droops down and shakes as he rides, the two rock hard in a hot sequence as Scott’s steel shaft bounces around. Casey fires off a big load as Scott stands over him, then rubs Scott’s arm and flashes a smile as the bottom shoots on his own stomach.


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Last modified: Mar 20, 2015

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