Hunter Marx and Trent Davis on the Pacific Coast.


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Driving through the woods, Hunter Marx stops when he spots Trent Davis walking. “What you up to?” he asks the stranger, getting out of his truck to kiss the jock as their muscle chests burst out of their cutoff shirts. They rub each other’s bulges, Trent licking down Hunter’s hairy bod and releasing his big cock. He engulfs it, looking up at Hunter as he slurps the veiny shaft.

Trent strokes his own boner as he works, Hunter’s steel rod bobbing up when it’s released from the sucker’s mouth. Hunter leans down for a kiss, Trent then spitting on top of his shaft. “Wanna fuck you so bad,” moans Hunter, who then sucks him back—Trent dick whipping his tongue. They kiss, Trent stroking Hunter as Hunter reaches for his ass. He eats Trent’s hole, then gets him in the back of the pickup to fuck him from behind—Hunter’s pubes slamming against the bottom’s ass. Trent gets on his back, moaning “Your dick is gonna make me fucking come!” He lets out a multi-streamer that hits his pec, then moans “Fucking come on me!” as Hunter soaks his groin.

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  1. Chechi says:

    Hunter Marx. Hot as a top. Adorable as a bottom.

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