We call this position the “Upwards Bear.”


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Here’s a fun out-take from the up-coming Titanmen movie Catch-22. Director Jasun Mark is being stand-in for the stars (Eric Nero and Adam Herst) while he tells the crew where to place lights and cameras for the next take. Eric and Adam are much more interested in paying attention to each other than anything else.

While explaining the kind of action to expect for the next position, Jasun and production assistant Todd Stevens come up with a new yoga move. It’s probably not new, but they rename it anyway.

You can see Adam Herst right now in the Titanmen movie Bad Cop and Eric will make his debut this month in the up-coming Titanmen feature Pacific Coast.

Last modified: Feb 17, 2015

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  1. Gaz says:

    nothing wrong with watching Jasun doing yoga….. but, and this is just a FYI :), naked yoga is the in thing
    now I’m sure a lot more would be interested in watching that, after all, a lot of yoga moves could be good for porn (or just some great sex)

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