Nick Prescott and Mike De Marko in Grease Monkey


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The third and final scene from the latest Titanmen hit Grease Monkey is out… this time starring Titanmen Exclusive Nick Prescott and Mike De Marko.


A funny story from the set is that Nick Prescott was originally just going to top but after Jasun Mark saw Nick’s huge dick, he said “I would be negligent in my duty as a director if I had a dick that big on set and I didn’t put it up someone’s butt. Sorry, Nick, but you’re getting fucked.”

Nick just got a big smile… he didn’t mind at all.

Taking boxes out of their pickup gets Nick Prescott hot—a rub of the bulge in his tight jeans getting the attention of Mike DiMarko. They kiss and shed their shirts, their hairy chins and pecs meeting. Mike works his tongue on Nick’s toned body, soon settling on the bulging cock head peeking out of his stretched jockstrap. Mike frees Nick’s big dick, smiling as he stares at it before opening wide to take it in his mouth.

Nick’s ass muscles tighten up as he fucks the sucker’s face and whips his rod on him: “Fucking suck that dick!” They kiss, their cocks jostling as their hands roam each other’s bodies. Nick spreads his ass, Mike eating him as his own cock grazes Nick’s boot. Nick lets out a hot moan as Mike’s very big, very thick dick slowly slides inside his tight hole. Mike then sits down on Nick’s throbber, the bottom’s ass hairs clinging to the shaft as he rides. He gets on his back as a great aerial shot looks down on them, the bottom soon covered in cum.


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Last modified: Feb 12, 2015

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