Nick Prescott and Dirk Caber In The Shadows…


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Here’s the third scene from Titanmen’s dark, surreal “In The Shadows,” featuring Titanmen Exclusive Nick Prescott and mega-star Dirk Caber.

You’ll also see a quick cameo of Dirk’s real-life husband Jesse Jackman. This was a very fun movie for the guys to put together combining the Titan hardcore footage with cellphone and webcam video shot by the stars at their homes and in their real bedrooms. A gritty, fantasy fetish feature that’s still just as hot as a Titanmen movie. Perfect.

Dirk Caber twitches as he sleeps, his hot bod at the mercy of Nick Prescott in his dream. With his wrists and ankles bound to a table, Dirk’s cock drips and throbs as his balls—squeezed in a stretcher—get bluer by the second. Dirk spits a flying wad that lands on Nick’s scruffy chin, the two soon kissing as Nick teases and edges his bud—squeezing his nipples, tonguing him, spitting in his mouth, exchanging pit licks. He licks down Dirk’s muscles, a strand of precum clinging to Nick’s beard before he opens wide to devour Dirk’s cock.


He rubs Dirk’s hole, the two spitting at each other as they growl. Nick twists a big dildo up Dirk’s ass (“Want me to stretch your hole more?”), the bottom’s cock throbbing as he gets it deep. Nick then sits down on Dirk’s dick and rides, the two taking turns going up and down in a heated fuck. Nick fires off his load before Dirk begs for more: “Fuck me! Please fuck me!” Nick dildos him again, using his own cum as lube to stroke Dirk off at the same time—exclaiming “Yeah, pig!” as the grunting hunk releases.

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  1. I’d love to ride Dirk Caber’s dick while he’s tied up like that

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