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It’s hard to even choose a favorite scene, a favorite star. Bruce Cam’s classic “Breakers” starred a who’s-who of the gay porn world at the time. Damien Crosse, Jackson Wild, Dean Flynn, Rick van Sant, Tony Buff, Darius Falke, François Sagat, Alex Baresi, Eduardo, Arpad Miklos, Dillon Buck, Diesel Washington and Victor Banda all tore up the screen in this stunning beach and forest-themed movie that showed exactly why Titanmen was (and remains) the top gay porn studio.

Still available on DVD and of course always streaming at Titanmen.com.

If you haven’t seen this one… see it.

Click Here to see the whole movie at Titanmen.

Last modified: Dec 27, 2014

3 Responses to " Titanmen Classics – Breakers "

  1. HansNL says:

    Breakers IS an absolute classic. I own the blu-ray and it’s fantastic. It’s a shame Titan (and every other gay porn studio) has abandoned the format…even though I understand why, it’s still a shame.
    Although I haven’t enjoyed the new Titan movies as much as the classics, the release of Bad Cops has me excited. Hairy men, a little piss and a lot of sex! Hope there’s more where that came from 🙂
    I might have to order the DVD soon

    • finn says:

      Now that Jasun is heading production, you’re going to see more “classic Titan” type movies. Jasun has been a huge fan of Titan since the early days so he’s giving the movies that same tone everyone loved so much. Bad Cop has an old-school Titan feel, In The Shadows feels a bit like “FLUX” and the up-coming Grease Monkey is going to be a lot of people’s favorite. There’s also a movie called Pacific Coast on the way that’s got the look and feel of movies like Holler and Chainsaw. Think you’re going to enjoy what’s on the way.

      • HansNL says:

        Sounds good to me, you’ve just sold me In The Shadows and Grease Monkey!
        I bought Bad Cop recently along with Cut to the Chase and House Rules as they were so damn cheap I had to buy them. I’ve only seen part of House Rules….that hairy ass of Tony Orion was too much for me (but in a very good way!). So much for not enjoying the recent Titan movies eh..

        By the way: has Jasun Mark ever thought about performing himself. He’s hot 🙂

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