Hans Berlin and George Ce in House Rules


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This scene from House Rules is the directorial debut of Dave Richards, one of the production team’s production assistants. Dave had wanted to direct a scene for a while and he finally talked the guys into letting him take the lead. He’s clearly onto something here, this scene is great and has a fun comedic opening, too.

George Ce reaches for his box of belongings on his way out—but is pulled in by Hans Berlin. Hans slides his fingers inside the pocket of George’s jeans, the two suddenly kissing. Hans rubs the muscle stud’s body and works up George’s growing bulge. “Is that really what you want?” asks George, his uncut slab soon bouncing in Hans’ smiling face. He opens wide to take the thick piece, the two soon switching positions after a kiss.


George engulfs Hans’ veiny, uncut shaft—caught beautifully in side shots. Hans puts his hands behind George’s head and fucks his face, the two kissing again as their cocks meet. George buries his stubbly chin inside Hans’ hole, Hans then arching his back as he gets rammed from behind. The two mount the kitchen counter for more. On his back, Hans strokes as he gets reamed—a huge load flying over his shoulder to the ground. George comes, their hands soon stacked atop each other in a romantic closing shot.


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