Nick Prescott and Tyler Edwards have Morning Wood.


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Waking from his slumber, Nick Prescott stares at Tyler Edwards, their heads resting against each other. He rubs Tyler’s arm, the stud waking up and smiling. They kiss, the sheets removed to reveal their boners. “Good morning!” smiles Tyler, whose cock disappears in Nick’s warm mouth. He goes balls deep, his nose planted in Tyler’s pubes. Nick’s massive balls twitch as he sucks, Tyler soon sucking him back. He grips Nick’s sac and pulls it down as he slurps, Nick moaning as his heavy eyelids show off his pleasure-filled face.mrwd_scene03_020mrwd_scene03_006

Nick offers his ass, yelling “Spit on my hole!” as Tyler munches. Nick arches back for a kiss, his own boner at attention. He sits down on Tyler, spreading his cheeks to ride deep as he pounds his fists on the top’s pecs. Nick stays rock hard as he gets it doggie style, his dick bouncing up and slamming his own stomach with each thrust. On his back, Nick gets stroked and fucked by Tyler—the bottom soon coated in cum.


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  1. the best ever gay porn is the titanMen,,nice guy,,gorgeous men,goodluck in godbless to all the titanMen,,

  2. melaldystone says:

    I’m love

  3. Nick says:

    Handsome and hairy. Proper real men grr

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