Dario Beck and Tom Wolfe have ‘Morning Wood.”


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Sitting on the couch with their 5 o’clock shadows grazing, Tom Wolfe and Dario Beck have their arms around each other. Their hands wander, Tom settling on Dario’s bulge and rubbing his toned chest. Tom’s tongue darts out for attention, the two kissing again. Tom’s chest is soon exposed, Dario running his hand through the furry muscle.


Tom’s cock is released and quickly disappears in Dario’s tight lips, the shaft getting slicker with each slurp. Dario rubs Tom’s bod as he sucks, inching up for a kiss. Tom sucks Dario back, spitting down on the thick cock before nibbling the foreskin, his tongue sliding underneath the sheath and teasing the head. Tom eats Dario’s hairy hole before fucking him, the top wrapping his arms around him from behind. Dario sits on the top—all the way down to his hairy sac—then gets on his back.


Tom strokes Dario as he fucks him, the bottom gripping Tom’s ass and back as their faces get closer. Tom drives harder and faster, jacking Dario off as he fucks him—the two dumping their loads.

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